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  • Section A1.Dear Mr. Wang,I am much grateful to be employed by you two months ago as an editor for yo
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    考研英语作文一、满分句型1. 简单句1.1 被动句1.1.1 什么时候用被动1.2 there be句型的变形(exist seem remain) 单复数取决于there be后面的词1.3 比较结构(必要有形容词副词就可以用比喻)2 复合句2.1 并列句2.2...


    1. 简单句

    1.1 被动句


    1.1.1 什么时候用被动

    例句: parents should be respected by us。

    ○ parents:

    i. superiors 上级和长辈
    ii. the elderly  老人 
    iii. senior citizens 父母长辈

    ○ should

    i. ought to
    ii. be supposed to 应该
    iii. be obliged to 有责任有义务

    ○ we us people (泛指的人)

    i. human beings
    ii. the public 公众
    iii. private individuals

    you people
    ○ 没有特指的人

    单数one 复试those

    ○ 具体的人

    • teenagers and youngsters 年轻人
    • undergraduates 大学生
    • youngsters on campus 大学生
    • children kids offspring descendants 孩子
    • businessmen 商人
    • experts and professors 专家和教授
    • All children and adults 所有人 孩子和成年人
    • men and women in all walks 各行各业的人
    • customs 消费者

    例句:○ Celebrities(名人) should not be pursued(追求) by teengers and youngsters. 年轻人不应该盲目追星

    ○ not

    • never
    • by no means
    • under no circumstances(环境)
    • fail to 失败,表示否定; I fail to be a teacher 我不是一个老师
    • eg:
      • Environmental contamination is thought very serious by an increasing amount of experts and professors.

    ○ think: 认为

    • argue insist presume

    • assume hold contend maintain assert claim

    • be of the opinion that

    • have been convinced that

    • cling to the perspective that

    ○ very :非常

    • pretty quite rather 一般词
    • strikingly distinctly outstandingly exceedingly especially extraordinarily enormously

    ○ serious :严重的

    • be of great severity be of+抽象名词
    • grave severe fearful fatal

    1.2 there be句型的变形(exist seem remain) 单复数取决于there be后面的词

    ○ there exist many reasons to explain my idea.
    ○ many
    § a sea of a host of a multitude of a train of(一车皮) an army of(一排,一军队)
    § immense amounts of
    § numerous
    § abundant
    § plentiful
    § innumerable
    ○ reason
    § causes
    § factors
    § elements
    ○ explain 解释,产生导致致使
    § give rise to
    § be responsible for
    § contribute to
    § lead to
    ○ idea 观点
    § point
    § viewpoint
    § perspective
    § outlook

    ○ eg:
    ○ more and more people think that… = there is(remains) a growing worldwide awareness around the world that…
    ○ there is strong evidence to show that
    ○ there is absolutely no reason for us to believe that a brighter future for the world is an impossibility
    ○ there is little doubt that
    ○ there are those who claim that

    1.3 比较结构(必要有形容词副词就可以用比喻)

    a. 推荐第一段的第一句话,引出文章中心或第三段的第一句话,文章总结
    b. 某某很重要,某某很严重
    ○ as……as……
    ○ she is as beautiful(ugly) as a red rose, which manages to(能够) take away the breath of sea of children and adults. 他很漂亮

    ○ be (不能用助动词的替换:被动和现在进行时)
    § look
    § feel
    § 各种感官动词
    § seem 似乎
    § appear 出现,显得
    § keep remain 保持
    § become get 变得
    § prove 证明 保持
    ○ beautiful
    § graceful
    § elegant 优雅的
    § attractive 诱人的
    § charming 吸引人的
    § gorgeous 美丽动人,最境界
    ○ confidence proves as important as sunshine,which plays an essential role in the normal growth of all creatures.
    ○ 自信很重要(像阳光对生物一样)
    ○ important 重要的(主题,某某很重要)
    § fundamental
    § significant
    § essential
    § indispensable
    § play a key role in sth
    § be of great importance
    ○ Sth becomes as grave as AIDS(cancer typhoon), while has threatened the health of patients or taken away their lives.

    1. the +形容词/副词 比较级+句子,the+the 形容词/副词 比较级+句子。(主将从现)the more …… the more …… 越 越
      a. 用于第二段,分析原因使用
      ○ 没有特指的人,单数one those
      ○ The higher one ascends(上升) the farther he will overlook.
      § farther 真实距离远 further 抽象的远
      ○ The more diligent(勤奋的,努力的) one keeps(只要句子意思完整但缺谓语就用be动词,之后be替换高级词),the more easily(副词) he will achieve gloriers。越努力越容易取得成功。
      § glory荣耀
      § 多音节加more most单音节加er,est,双音节部分加er
      ○ The harder all children and adults remain, the more fortunate(句子中是系动词,此处用形容词,如果句子中,此处用副词) they will become. 越努力越幸运
      ○ The more frequently culture exchange,the more rapidly Chinese economy will develop。
      ○ The more frequently cultures are exchanged,the more rapidly Chinese economy will develop. 被动且名词不可单独使用要么加冠词要么加复数

    2 复合句

    • 并列句
    • 名词性从句
    • 定语从句
    • 状语从句

    2.1 并列句

    • and
    ○ likewise
    ○ similarly
    ○ equally
    ○ at the same time
    ○ in the meanwhile
    ○ as well as 连接两个同性词
    • but
    ○ conversely
    ○ by contrast
    ○ on the contrary
    ○ contrarily
    ○ unexpectedly
    ○ unfortunately
    ○ nevertheless
    ○ In the picture,the goal-keeper is imagining himself exceedingly small. on the contrary, the player is assuming his rival as big as a hill. 没定义状语,不够优秀
    ○ In the former picture, the flower in the greenhouse is growing healthily. Conversely, in the latter one, it is dying.
    ○ picture
    § cartoon
    § drawing
    § painting
    § caricature 夸张漫画
    § photograph 照片
    • not only……but also 位置和汉语一样, 但倒转更优雅。本句型写作第二段分析原因的位置。
    ○ Raising pets can reduce the lonliness of senior citizens. 养宠物减少老人孤单
    ○ raising pets can cultivate the kindness of kids. 养宠物培养孩子爱心
    § Raising pets not only can reduce the lonliness of senior citizens, but also can cultivate the kindness of kids.
    ○ Supporting the elderly(孝敬父母) keeps (is) a chinese conventional virtue but also proves (is) the legal responsibility of their offspring.
    ○ Cooperation not only enables(使) all children and adults to make more intimate(亲密的)friends but also has(使)them achieve greater credits(表扬,荣誉荣耀成就). xx不但能使我们交到更多朋友,而且还能帮我们取得更大成功dh.


    ○ 主语从句 Is …… that …… 第一段描述图表,第二段表观点,第三段喊口号。可用于任何一句话前拉长句子,推荐写在第一段第一句话引出图画图表。
    ○ (that you never fail to fascinate me) is obvious. 我爱你(你从来没有失败(总是能)吸引(迷住)我)是显而易见的
    § It is obvious that you never fail to fascinate me. 我爱你是显而易见的
    ○ 下面记两句即可
    § It proves common knowledge(常识) that …… 显然
    § It keeps my perspective that …… 我的观点是,我认为
    § It has been found that …… 被发现,显而易见
    § It seems beyond dispute(争论辩论) that …… 无可争论
    § It is universally acknowledged(承认) that ……
    § It has been widely accepted that ……
    ○ 更好的主语从句变体是是把It变成What 在that前加is,主语从句+that表示的表语从句
    § What proves common knowledge(常识) is that …… 显然
    § What keeps my perspective is that …… 我的观点是,我认为
    § What has been found is that …… 被发现,显而易见
    § What seems beyond dispute(争论辩论)is that …… 无可争论
    § What is universally acknowledged(承认) is that ……
    § What has been widely accepted is that ……

    ○ 同位语和同位语从句
    § 只要见到名词就可以加一个同位语,只要在作文中见到名词,都可以再加一个名词做一个同位语. 写作时名词做同位语一个句子最多加一个,最多出现两次。

    § 名词做同位语
    § My boyfriend _ really has no much time to accompany me _ .
    □ a rich businessman
    □ an attractive girl
    § A man, a soccer fan, is writing the name , a symbol ,of Beckham , an esteemed sportsman, on his face , some part of the body.

    § 同位语从句 本句型推荐写作作文的第二段分析原因时使用
    § The evidence that + 原因+ manifests that + 文章中心句
    § The evidence (fact) [that she has a pair of big eyes] manifests [that she keeps a beauty]. 她长着一副大眼睛表明她是一个美女。 同位语+宾语从句
    § The evidence that a host of girls have worn beautiful colorful skirts manifestis that summer is around the corner.
    □ 许多女生穿着裙子表明夏天已经来了。 女人 girl或lady 不要用woman
    § The evidence that bright stars and pure moonlights fail to be detected manifests that environmental contamination(污染) is becoming increasingly fatal.
    □ 我们再也看不到星星和月光表明环境正在恶化
    § The evidence that farmers can enjoy high-quality life that manifests that most them would like to swarm into(涌入) big cities.

    2.3 定语和定语从句

    1、形容词做定语 2、名词修饰名词 3、介词短语作定语 4、非谓语动词作定语 5、从句作定语
    I love liu
    beautiful 定语如果只有一个单词放在名词前,多个单词放在名词后
    on the platform(讲台)
    the daughter of liu.
    enjoying singing songs.
    who keeps a teacher for years.
    § 只要在作文中见到名词,都可以加定语从句。但是在第一段描述图画时只要见到名词就要加定语,使图画更生动,图表不加定义
    § An American girl young as well as graceful is wearing Chinese conventional costume(传统服装) which keeps pervasive(普遍的流行的) in the south of china.
    □ 一个年轻漂亮的美国小女孩穿着中国服饰
    § immense amounts of children and adults sitting in seperate rooms are surfing on the internet.

    § as well as连接以下任意两个单词
    § 万能的好
    § cute ; lovely
    § little
    § graceful ; elegant ; young
    § confident ; energetic(精力充沛)
    § enthusiasm ; passionate 积极的
    § optimistic ; active 乐观的
    § aggressive ; ambitious 有追求的
    § who looks distinctly impressive to reader 给人留下深刻印象

    § 万能的坏
    § fat(骂人的胖) cruel(残忍的) ugly(丑陋的)
    § negative(消极,否定) dispassioned(不积极消极)
    § terrible disgusting
    § disgraceful
    § who looks rather less impressive to reader 不能给人留下深刻印象的
    § He looks like a lady-killer(色狼), which has been widely accepted.
    § 推荐写在某个短的原因,拉长句子
    □ Which leaves us adeep impression
    □ Which provokes the public’s widespread concerns
    □ Which brings us the unnecessary/unexpected trouble
    □ which gives rise to dreadful consequences.

    2.4 状语和状语从句

    ○ 状语更容易加,比定语方便,任何一句话皆可加状语,状语可以加在状语的任何位置。第一段图画或图表必须加状语,使完整
    ○ we are having class,
    ○ in the center the vivid picture, 在这个生动的图片的中央
    § as every one can see it
    § with the rapid advance of science and technology ,随着科学技术的进步
    § in our contemporary society 在当今社会
    § in the general routine of everyday living 在我们日常生活中
    ○ 状从的满分表达
    § 1)让步状语从句,用于转折,可以用于任何位置,矛盾的普遍性,但是推荐写在原因分析时使用
    □ although
    □ pursuing celebrities blindly might exert great influence on physical and mental health of youngsters on campus althought their singing sounds touching
    □ 盲目追星 带来严重影响 给大学生的身心健康 尽管他们的歌声动人
    □ private individuals from developing nations are becoming increasingly wealthy although ?
    □ 来自发达国家的 人们 越来越富有 进管
    § although引导的万能状语
    □ although many people fail to pay attention to the issue. 虽然很多人没有主义到这个问题
    § pay attention to 关注重视的替换
    □ pour attention to
    □ place great emphasis on
    □ attach great importance to
    □ shed light on
    □ focus on
    § issue的替换
    □ problem问题
    □ phenomenon 现象
    □ subject 话题 主题
    □ the current situation 现状
    § 2)so …… that …… 只要出现 形容词, 副词皆可用so that,推荐用在第一段最后一句话引出文章中心使用,或第三段的第一句话文章总结
    life proves so short that it is a waste how to spend it.
    生命是如此短暂 以至于如何度过都是浪费
    Sth. keeps(becomes) so vital that the problem should have been brought into the limelight. 万能that,表达重要

    § 3)分词做状语,插入主谓之间作为插入语【本句型推荐写在第一段,一幅图一个主体两个动作时使用】
    □ Sb. , doing 次要动作 +(定/状),is doing 主要动作+(定/状)
    □ I hate you, I will kill you. 错误表达,一句话不能用两句
    □ I hating you, I will kill you. 非谓语动词的主语和谓语的主语相同,应省略主语
    □ Hating you, I will kill you. 我,讨厌你,所以我将杀掉你
    □ I, hating you, will kill you.
    □ 终点又是新起点 一幅图一个主体,必须两个动作,先写次要动作
    ® A boy is smiling, a boy is rushing to the destination.
    ® smiling, a boy is rushing to the destination.
    ® A boy confident as well as vigorous(自信和充满活力), smiling in the center of the vivid cartoon(状语), is rushing to the destination
    which becomes a new start.
    ® 文化火锅
    ◊ The hotpot delicious as well as healthy , smoking in the center of the vivid cartoon, is full of cultures from different nation in the world.

    § 状语满分表达总结although,so……that……,分词做状语
    § 简单句
    § 并列句
    § 复合句满分表达

    3. 特殊结构

    • 插入语 (本句型推荐写在第一段的最后一句话,第二段的第一句话,第三段的第一句话中某一处,必须要让阅卷人看到)
    ○ 万能插入语,可以插入任何一句话的主谓之间
    • 双重否定
    ○ never fail to 表示就是,没有实际意义,强调谓语,可以写在任何一个肯定句中间。推荐使用位置同插入语
    • 强调句型 作文中所有句子都能用强调句型,推荐位置同上
    ○ It is …… that ……
    ○ I love the girl in the restaurant. 我在饭店爱上了这个女孩
    ○ 强调谁就把谁放在It is后面,除了谓语
    ○ It is in the restaurant that I love the girl.
    ○ There exist numerous facts here to account for the phenomenon.
    ○ 有很多原因可以解释这种现象
    ○ Tt is to account for the phenomenon that there exist numerous facts here.
    ○ It is numerous facts that there exist here to account for the phenomenon.

    • 修辞
    ○ 比喻 本句型推荐写在第一段的最后一句话用于引出文章中心 或者第三段第一句话文章总结
    ○ 重要
    § Sth proves to 人 as solid foudation is on high skyscrapers.
    § 某某很重要,像地基对于高楼
    § as the infinite blue sky is to flying eagles 无限蓝天对于雄鹰
    ○ 严重
    as intensive pain is to incurably ill patients. 就像剧烈的疼痛对于不可治愈的病人
    as horrible nightmares are to innocent kids. 就像可怕的噩梦对于无辜的孩子
    ○ 排比
    § 两个词即可排比
    § Action is supposed to be adopted(措施应该被采取了) quickly, effectively and actively.
    § 改强调
    § It is Action that is supposed to be adopted quickly, effectively and actively.

    ○ 本句型写在最后一段最后一句喊口号
    ○ We were in the midst of shock—but we acted. We acted quickly, boldly, decisively.
    § 我们中处在问题(危机)中,但是我们行动了,我们必须大胆行动

    4 虚拟语气

    • 写原因,1.为什么重要 2.为什么重要 3.如果不这么做 推荐写在作文最后一句话,反面论证。或第三段的第一句话文章总结
    • if虚拟语气,主将从现,改成过去式,
    • If every one of teenager and youngster abandon themselves himself to surfing on the internet, [they he will pay a heavy price(cost) in the near future. ]
    ○ 如果年轻人沉溺于网络,他不就将付出代价
    • If every one of teenager and youngster abandoned himself to surfing on the internet, [he would pay a heavy price(huge cost) in the near future. ]
    • If every university student were indulged in surfing on the internet, it would be hard for them to graduate smoothly.
    ○ 如果大学生沉溺于网络,他将不能顺利毕业
    ○ 沉溺于
    ○ be addicted to
    ○ abandon oneself to
    ○ be indulged in

    • It is imperative(紧急)/essential/urgent that 本句型推荐写在第三段具体措施
    ○ 那很重要
    ○ It is urgent that kids should be educated/inspired to 主题
    ○ 那是很紧急的孩子应该教育做……

    5 倒装

    ○ I am never a woman tough and outgoing.
    ○ never am I a woman tough and outgoing.
    • not only ……but also 倒装,not only +助动词提前
    ○ He not only looks poor but also in fact is poor in her mind.
    ○ 他不但看起来贫穷而且思想匮乏。
    Respecting parents keeps not only Chinese conventional virtue but also proves the duty of their offspring.
    not only does Respecting parents keep Chinese conventional virtue but also proves the duty of their offspring.

    Confidence not only can make you find more happiness in you life but also can have you make more friends.
    Not only can confidence make you find more happiness in you life but also can have you make more friends.
    • so ……that……倒装,形容词副词皆可so that,so that皆可倒装
    ○ my ma is so kind that she will never kill an ant.
    ○ so kind is my ma that she will never kill an ant. so提前变一般疑问句。
    ○ 我母亲如此善良以至于从没杀过蚂蚁。
    ○ I am so delighted that I cannot help laughing at midnight.
    ○ so delighted am I that I cannot help laughing at midnight.
    ○ 我是如此的高兴,我情不自禁的笑了

    ○ Sth. keeps so significant/fearful that the issue should have been brought into the limelight.
    ○ so significant does Sth. keep that the issue should have been brought into the limelight.
    ○ 某事如此重要,以至于这个问题应该被关注(带到聚光灯下)。

    • only+状语放在句首倒装
    ○ the common can the common lead a happy and comfortable life only when the issue can be improved a lot.
    ○ only when the issue can be improved a lot can the common lead a happy and comfortable life.
    ○ 只有这个问题改善,人们才能安居乐业

    ○ only by taking those action can the issue be improved a lot.
    ○ 只有采取这个措施,这个问题才能改善


    Supporting the elderly is a Chinese conventional virtue which means that
    we cook for them, we buy gifts for them and we wash feet for them
    when they become gradually (increasingly) old.
    模板:A is B which means that +三个并列的简单句排比,when+时间状语从句
    a Chinese traditional virtue
    a social pervasive trend 社会普遍趋势
    an active /negative mentality 一个积极/消极的心态
    a hot social topic

    2.统计和事实 p11
    3.引用名人名言 p12

    小例子:such as
    大例子:for example 替换






    What may account for this phenomenon are distinctly likely to be asked.



    • 简单句
    • 并列句
    • 名词性从句

  • 本文主要记录了考研英语作文的写作格式和思路,以及如何写好图画作文的首段,中间段和尾端,供读者阅读参考。 文章目录前言1应用文写作思路称呼的正确写法(对应的是信件)标题的正确写法正文落款语域如何完成一篇...










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    Dear professor,

    Dear Sir or Madam,


















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    1. 首段:Comfort him

      Dear Hua, I’m sorry to hear that you failed the recent IELTS.But don’t be so frustrated.In fact,more than half of students fail on their first try, mainly because of nervousness and a lack of preparation.
    2. 中间段: give one to three suggestions(加戏,分析可能的原因=>建议)

      I notice that you scored 5.0 on the writing section. According to my experience, a typical 5.0 writing may have a limited range of vocabulary and sentence structures, and it probably contains many grammatical errors.
      I suggest that you refer to A Handbook for the IELTS Writing, which shows how to avoid repetitions and errors.
    3. 尾段: encourage him

      I hope you summon courage to make preparation for the second try.Call me whenever you need help. Yours,Li Ming



    中间段A:分析原因/影响 B:举例验证 C:对比论证(A、B、C采取其中一种写法即可)


    转换:1. Two disabled men run forward/ahead. 2.They abandon/throw away crutches. 3.They bandage the stumps of their missing legs together. 4.They support each other.
    组合:after throwing away their crutches and bandaging the stumps of their missing legs together, two disabled men support each other and run forward. (利用时间状语优化
    添加功能句型:The picture above shows that after throwing away their crutches and bandaging the stumps of their missing legs together, two disabled men support each other and run forward.
    拆分: 1.有很多相互连接的房间。 2.每个房间都住着一个人。 3.这些人使用各自的电脑相互交流。
    转换:1.There are many interconnected rooms.(there are many rooms that connect each other.) 2.There is a person living in each room.(There is a person who lives in each room.) 3.These people use their own computer to communicate with each other,
    组合: There are many interconnected rooms. In each room(首尾相接) lives a person, who use his/her own computer to communicate with the others.
    添加功能句型:As is described in the picture(如图所示), there are many interconnected rooms. In each of which lives a person, who use his/her own computer to communicate with the others.
    拆分: 1.图画描绘了一幅虚构场景:两位男子都注意到地面上洒了一半在外的一瓶酒。2.其中一人说,“全完了!”,似乎 很沮丧。3.而另一人兴奋地说,“幸好还剩点儿。” 。
    转换:1. The picture describes an imaginary scenario where two men see a half-spilled bottle of wine on the ground. 2. One of them cries, “It’s all over.” 3.The other seems excited, comforting himself that there is some left.
    组合: The picture describes an imaginary scenario where two men see a half-spilled bottle of wine on the ground. One of them cries, “It’s all over.” The other seems excited, comforting himself that there is some left.


    寓意:The picture is aimed at revealing a fact that more and more Chinese people, regardless of sex or age, get addicted to online communication.
    寓意:The cartoonist intends to call attention to a phenomenon that recently, more and more people are seeking cooperation to fight for the same goals.
    寓意: The picture is aimed at revealing a belief shared by the Chinese that charity can help people get out of trouble.
    寓意: The picture compares two different attitudes that people have towards setbacks in life.





    • 无话可说而拼凑字数—积累常用素材(举例子<–学习、工作、生活)
    • 有话可说但逻辑混乱—列提纲(增强文章的可读性)
    • 逻辑合理但表达混乱—遣词造句练习


    1. 学习、工作、生活

      1. 自信的学生今后必定学业有成(学习)
      2. 自信的职场新人未来成为精英(工作)
      3. 自信的年轻父母把孩子培养成优秀的人(生活)
    2. 物质(身体)、精神、情感

      手机的影响(the impact of mobile phones)
      1. 近视(shortsightedness)、颈椎病(neck-related problems)、糖尿病(diabetes)
      2. 抑郁症(depression、instant gratification)
      3. 社交恐惧症(social phobia)
    3. 个人、他人(身边人)、社会

      过度捕捞(overfishing)和海洋资源的消耗(the depletion of ocean resources)
      1. 捕鱼者追求利益最大化(maximize profit)
      2. 其它捕鱼者不甘落后(do not want to lag behind)
      3. 海洋资源保护法缺失(a lack of laws)


    Topic Sentence: the reasons are obvious.
    1) The middle-aged: Climb social ladder-> busy with work-> no time to spend with aged parents
    2) old people: physical and mental problem-> cannot live on their own ->need daily care
    Conclusion: more old people left unattended.
    The reasons more and more people are unwilling to support their parents are obvious. Nowadays, people, particularly the middle-aged, are busy climbing the ever-steeper career ladder,spending much time on work; thus, they have limited time to spend with their parents. Another factor that we cannot ignore is that when people grow old, they are prone to various physical and mental weaknesses; worse, some of them are unable to live on their own, thereby requiring daily care. For these reasons we can understand why a growing number of aged people are left unattended.
    近:lots of conveniences to our daily life->举例:buy a book + communicate with our friends.
    远:less time with friends and families->举例:see them once in a week -> feel lonely
    All of us accept the fact that the development of the internet brings lots of conveniences to our daily life. for instance, we can buy a book on the net instead of going to a bookstore. Besides, we can communicate with our friends on the net without going out of home. But we can’t ignore the other side of these: the time we spend with friends or family becomes less. And we can hardly see them once in a week. It will make us feel lonely if we continue to use the tool on the net to talk with friends instead of talking with them on the phone or going out with them.






    ●论点:There is no denying that a good start is half a success.
    ●解释/论证:A good start refers to(指的是) a situation in which we are well prepared. To put it another way(换言之), we have ruled out(排除) actions that may give rise to(导致(不好的事情))failure. Such a start may not be fool-proof(万无一失的) but increase our success rate to some extent.
    ●举例验证:My preparation for this exam serves as a good example. Before enlarging my vocabulary, I acquired a great deal of knowledge about word origins(词根) and formations(构词法). The approach payed off(带来好处) months later when I started practicing my reading skill. A typical reading passage(阅读理解) includes dozens of unfamiliar words; however, I could understand the general meaning according to the word roots(词根), prefixes(前缀) and suffixes(后缀).




    ●论点:There is no denying that a good start is half a success.
    ●举例验证:My preparation for this exam serves as a good example. Before enlarging my vocabulary, I acquired a great deal of knowledge about word origins(词根) and formations(构词法). The approach payed off(带来好处) months later when I started practicing my reading skill. A typical reading passage(阅读理解) includes dozens of unfamiliar words; however, I could understand the general meaning according to the word roots(词根), prefixes(前缀) and suffixes(后缀).
    ●解释说明: If my learning had been by rote, I would not have had a deep understanding of English words, and I could have felt helpless in the face of passages filled with new words. ( 虚拟语气:动词形式If… had done, … would not have done, and could have done…




    ●铺垫:生活观念变了 适应这种变化举例
    ●铺垫: With the increasing pace of modern life, perhaps no change has characterized the past decade more dramatically than that of people’s view on their own life. It is generally agreed upon that(大家都认同) people have to adjust themselves to this new change.
    ●正面论证: On the one hand, no doubt, people will gain a lot by setting new goals(通过…受益良多) in their daily life. Take the famous scientist Thomas Edison for example. He had done very well in his early life, but continued to pursue something more difficult all through his life.
    ●反面论证:On the other hand, if one is obsessed with(沉溺于) the success he has achieved, he would lose the chance to pursue new success. What is more, he may become the slave of his success. There are many cases showing that people lose their courage to better themselves after becoming successful.



    ●建议: 1-2条建议(软硬(思想教育+法律法规)兼施)


    ●呼吁: In my opinion, if people abandon parents or other elderly relatives, they not only destroy their families but also increase the burden on our government(增加XX的负担). It is high time that(虚拟语气) we pulled together and reversed the trend(齐心协力+扭转趋势).
    ●建议: Employers could adopt a policy of allowing employees to work at home so that the latter(后者) have more time to care for their parents. parents. Our government could increase the level of punishment on people showing little filial piety(孝顺).
    ●展望: Only with the combined efforts can the society become more harmonious(和谐的).
    ●呼吁: To make a conclusion, an environment where people cooperate with each other is indeed conducive to(等于lead to) the accomplishment of a challenging goal. Thus, we college students should enhance our team spirit(团队精神), one way or another(无论用什么方法).
    ●建议: From my point of view, colleges could give students more assignments that are completed only through teamwork.
    ●展望: If every one of us becomes a cooperator rather than a lone wolf, the overall social efficiency will be much greater.
  • 考研英语作文占有的分值非常大,很多同学在学习考研英语的时候都不知道如何提高作文成绩。下面为同学们盘点了考研英语写作万能句型,希望能对2020考研的你有所帮助!原因阐释段【示例一】①There are many reasons ...




    ①There are many reasons responsible for this phenomenon/case/instance and the following are the typical ones. ② The first reason is that______________ (理由一). ③The second reason is that______________ (理由二). ④The third reason is that/A case in point is that/The typical example is that____________________________ (理由三)。


    ①There are many reasons to explain/explaining the effect/phenomenon/case/instance. ②The most contributing one is/the main reason is no other than______________ (理由一). ③What is more,_________________ (理由二). ④____________________________ (理由三)also play a role in this case。


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