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    托福口语 TIPS: 口语自我评价: 1. Did I complete the task? 2. Did I speak clearly? 3. Did I avoid gramatical errors? 4. Did I use words correctly? 5. Did I organize my ideas clearly and a


        1. Did I complete the task?
        2. Did I speak clearly?
        3. Did I avoid gramatical errors?
        4. Did I use words correctly?
        5. Did I organize my ideas clearly and appropriately?
        6. Did I provide a complete response?
        7. Did I use the time effectiely?
        8. 语速
        Plan response in a simple,  organized way.

    1. TPO1

    1. **[Object]
      Talk about your favourite book.**
      The book that I most like is the Introduction To Algorithm.

      I majored in Computer Science in my college and one of the most important classes in my major is algorithm. In my algorithm class, we use the book which is named Introduction To Algorithm.

      To be honest, the book is very helpful to me. From this book, I not noly learn the basic programming technic such as binary search and dynamic programming by which I can improve the efficiency of programs. But most importantly, I learn the essential thoughts which can be applied into many aspects of my life. For example, I can find the goal card in a sorted array of cards as soon as possible using the algothrim of binary search.
      In the end, I think I will benefit from the book in my whole life.

    2. TPO49

    1. **[Person Event]
      One of your friends is often late for events and appointments, which makes other angry. You would like to help your fiend. What advice will you give your fiend to help avoid this problem in the future? Use specific details and examples in your advice.**

      Always being late for events is quite a bad habit. I have some advice for my friends.

      First, he can make a plan for his event in order to go to the right place on time. For example, he is able to list all the things that he has to do and then oder them by the time sequence. Don’t forget leave some time for every event.

      Second, in order to prevent forgeting the event I think he can set his alarm clock. For example, if the event starts at 5p.m. he can set the alarm clock an hour earlier which can ensure him arriving at the right place on time.

    2. **[Event]
      Some teachers think that it is important for students to sit in assigned seats, that is, to sit in the same place every day in class.Other teachers think that students should be allowed to choose where they will sit, and they allow them to sit in different seats on different days.Which do you think is better? Explain why.**

      In my opinion, it is a greate idea for studnets to choose where they will sit.
      (From my perspective, I prefer the latter option)

      One obvious advantage of it is that students are able to have discussions conveniently with other group members who are focusing on the same projects. Proximity does facilitate this kind of discussions. 

      Also, it may enable students to establish relationship with more people in the same class. If the seat is fixed, a student’s social connection is very likely to be confined to those around him. A typical case of it is that my nephew who was assigned to sit in the front row in high school, could not even name those sat in the back row after one semester.

    3. 【校园生活 - 学生建议】

      In the letter, the student proposes the school to offer the list of textbooks needed for each course earlier. In this way, students can have more time to find cheaper textbooks and start working on their new courses early. 
      In the conversation, the man supports the proposal. The man states that brand new textbooks are usually expensive and the used one, which are much cheaper, sell out quickly. And if the book list are available earlier, students may be able to get textbook online with less money. In addition, the man agree that at the beginning of each semester, students are often quite busy, hard to keep up with all the assignments. If they can have the textbooks earlier, they may have more time to make preparation ahead of the semester.

      Q3选材自:University Politics, rules, or procedures; university plans, campus facilities; and quality of life on campus.
      Reading Passage 包括:1个proposal和2个reason.
      Dialog 包括: 1个position 和 2个reason
    4. 【生命科学】

      The Professor is trying to illustrate the concept of procedural memories, which refer to the memories of the process of performing a action that become automatic with practice.
      The professor take himself as a example to explain the concept. When professor was a kid, he kept practicing to play guitar, and this kind of repeatedly action establish the procedural memories, and so even if stop playing for several years, as long as the professor pick up the guitar he used to play when he was a child, he can play the original song that he practiced. And that process is automatic because the procedural memories recalled the action that the professor did over and over many years ago.

          * 阅读材料可能和听力材料提供不同/相同的观点,用丰富的语法结构和单词转述你所听到的和读到的。
          * Q4的材料主题有:life science(生命科学), physical science(物理科学), humanities(人文)
          * 阅读材料抽象,听力材料具体(包括举例、反例、应用)
          * 两种类型:
              1. 阅读给出概念的定义,听力给出举例的例子,问题要求你用听力中具体的例子解释这个概念
              2. 阅读给出问题,听力给出一个成功/失败/非计划中的解决方案,问题要求你解释这个尝试并对结果给出描述。
          * 举例1:
              阅读材料给出: domestication of animals 和 两个characteristics.
              听力材料给出:两个动物。一个是domesticated 另一个是undomesticated。
              Herd animals can be easily domesticated if they have a hierarchical social structure and are not territorial, and this is why it is easier to domesticate horses than antelopes. 
              Take horses as an example, their hierarchical socail structure makes them willing to follow one another and thus allows a human being to act as their leader. Because horses are not territorial, they can be harnessed together without fighting.
              However, male antelopes fight if they are together, and that because antelopes do not have a socail hierarchy, humans connot control then by acting as their leader. 
          * 举例2
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    托福口语的经典80题~供大家练习使用 托福口语的经典80题~供大家练习使用
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    第二部分的托福口语是关于两个学生聊天的 上来先会有一段文字,可能是通知,比如关于学校学费涨价的事情 然后放一段听力,听力是两个学生的对话,一男一女,一般来讲,其中一个任会说更多的话,一般最后需要重复的...






  • 托福口语王是专为新托福考试开发的一款口语练习软件。在该软件里,汇集了数百道机经题和官方样题,并准备了流行模板和答题指南,帮助考生从容面对考试。而且软件还收集了大量的官方参考资料,可以快速提高用户的...
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    记笔记的时候,1. 要体现逻辑思路;2. 要在内容上有所取舍
    回答的时候,1. 信息量要尽量压缩;2. 关键词要吐字清晰,重音




    1. 烦人的:bothersome、annoying、disturbed
    2. discourage students from moving back to campus
    3. 别人听起来会比较难以理解
    4. keywords要重读,说清楚。



    1. 答题思路:听力指出了学校现阶段继续解决的三个问题。回答的时候可以正面说,即学校应该:update the equipment in the science lab, buying more books for the library, and renovating the student center.
    2. 词汇:当务之急:the first priority; 不是…而是:not because…. but….




    The school has planed to build a new stadium to attract more top students and promote the relationship with the local community. The woman, however, disagrees with this idea. For she notices that the first priority for the school, is to update the equipment in the science lab, to buy more books for the library, and to renovate the student center. So the plan might not catch the eye of the top students. Besides, the local people seldom go to the gym not because the shortage of the seats, but the team always lose the game. So it will make no sense to build a new stadium.



    1. 员工:officer、staff
    2. 员工不能=>学生能,换一种思路和角度。
    3. 亲眼所见:She has witnessed the daily working scene. The officers were buried in talking on the phone,…
    4. 说这句的时候,想下一句



    1. 否定句倒装:Seldom do people read the newspaper.
    2. 从…取消:remove A from B
    3. 取代:replace A with B
    4. 句子和句子之间尽量使用连接词——记笔记的时候构思出。
      A=Actually, In fact
      ↑ = Besides, Moreover
      G…~: Granted, …. But
      =>: In this way,….



    1. 对于听力材料的转述,如果不能及时有效的转述时,请使用原文。
    2. 接管工作不是take place,而是take over
    3. 回答结构:
      (2)同意,for+原因(一般概括)+例子1+Meanwhile, 例子2;
      (3)besides,+原因2(一般概括)+例子1+And also, 例子2


    A student has proposed that the campus coffeehouse be closed because seldom do students got there and the food provided doesn’t taste good.
    The woman, however, disagrees with this idea, for she considers the coffeehouse a quite place to study. More often than not, she goes there to read books, using laptops and preparing paper works for her courses. Meanwhile,**it is a nice place where one can study while eating, which is forbidden in the library. Besides, recently the food quality is improved, for a new manager has **taken over and added some health snacks as well.



    1. 关键问题:the core issue
    2. 回答的语言信息不够压缩
      • 定语从句
      • by doing


    The school has planned to split the graduation conference into two parts because the increasing student population make the conference too long and the hall isn’t big enough to accommodate that large audience.
    The woman, however, disagrees with this idea. It’s true that the students are granted individually, which takes a lot of time, but they would have a shorter ceremony simply by cutting off the speeches by professors, administrators and presents and so on. Besides, the woman thinks it is the large audience, rather than the size of the hall that accounts for the trouble. If the school stipulates the number of guests per students can invite,less than 6 people for example, they would no longer suffer this problem.



    1. 内容有点单薄,可以加入万能语句:So, it will become meaningless to shorten the period.
    2. 作为抵押: leave their ID cards as a pledge.
    3. 更喜欢:prefer A to B




    1. 系统学习:systematically





    1. 第一句:阅读的内容是概念的抽象定义,需要概括出来放在回答的第一句。
    2. 听力的对应点要找准。
      • species本身很吸引人——实验对象
      • 用来引起大家的注意——实验过程
      • 结果是其它的动物也跟着受益——实验结果
    3. 结束句: So from the examples, we can know how the …play an important role in raising the public awareness and finally protect the endangered habitats.


    Flagship species, who seem attractive and interesting, are species that people select to raise the public awareness of threatened habitats.(定语从句)
    Macaws, for example, are beautiful birds with colorful feathers. Unfortunately, the trees in their habitats are cut down by humans and the population of macaws goes down drastically. The same happens to some other animals, such birds and frogs in local area.
    Then a group of people who are concerned about this issue, made concerted effort on making books, with beautiful pictures of macaws, and distributed them to the schools and communities to attract people’s attention.
    As a result, more people donate money to build a protected land. And the population of macaws, along with some other species, goes up again.
    From the examples, we clearly know how macaws illustrate the concept of flagship species.(加分句)



    1. 下定义的时候,从句没有用好。
    2. 举例时,先说总,再说分。(business不是重点,应该先说negative attitude;同时,business为什么用不是有效信息,应该删掉)
    3. 在阅读笔记中,体现了变化和过程:good。
    4. 漏掉的信息:**people开始不understand电话的value;**people开始不喜欢说话不见面;30年;晚上打电话rude;
    5. 信息没能有效地组织起来。
    6. 过程:信息点全面->语言逻辑组织->词汇运用


    1. 阅读定义后面的解释是重点,重点看。
    2. 这篇听力好好听。
    3. 根据范文来看,最后考场遇到这种问题不用怕,把大的点说出来就好。




    1. 一个好的策略是,选择谈话者说的最详细的方案,通常一个方案优点详细,另一个缺点详细。
    2. 理由:方案A的优点 + B方案的缺点。
    3. 实在没有说的了,再说让步说A的缺点,并提出解决方案。
    4. 画田字格,记笔记。
    5. can effectively alleviate fatigue.
    6. 【租房】:房租rent/room charge;租房rent a house



    1. schedule:v. 安排
    2. 尽量记录听力原文的话,引用原文,可以减小难度。



    1. Q5需要多听,抓住说话者的谈话patern
    2. 理由不充分,用连词连接,压缩信息量
    3. 理由跑题了,原文说的是很少有人回复他,而我说的是大家应该分担经费。


    The man meets a problem that he promised to drive everyone to the museum but the vent he was going to used broke down. There are two solutions for him. The first is he can borrow another vent, but he doesn’t want to take the risk o**f paying the most of the bill, because of his mentioning that only four members replied to contribute to the bill. The second is to postpone the trip but he thinks it will disappoint others. I would recommend him the first solution. And he should further **urge the others to share the bills for it is their responsibility. If not, putting of the trip will indeed dampened the others’ spirits, which will end up with an awful trip.



    1. Q3和Q5语速要慢下来。
    2. 笔记只是提示,要主动思考,组织语言要说什么。
      The man’s problem is that his roommate is moving off campus next semester, and now he has to make a big decision about his living arrangement. The first solution is to get a new roommate. The second is to move off campus to share a room in a house with some other friends. I think the second solution is better. First of all, he’ll have more space if he has a room to himself, when living in a house, there’s no need to worry about studying late will disturb others as long as he keeps his door shot. Second, it’s a lot of fun living with a bunch of people, life will be more exciting. Last but not least, sharing a house with others is much more economical than living in the dorms.



    1. 第二天早上:early next morning
    2. 建议模式:
      I would suggest him the first solution because 优1. However, if he 第二个建议, 缺点2, which will end up with……Although 缺1, 自圆其说(没得说了再说);



    1. 责任问题:It is him who make the promise at first and cause this trouble. So it is his responsibility to keep his word and take the action.
    2. 问题描述:at the same time
    3. 代替工作:take her place to work
    4. 请假: ask for leave
    5. 两个人的问题纠缠。。。比较奇葩的题目。




    1. 两个层面,侧重点虎头蛇尾。信息点一定要全面,在听力记笔记的同时形成思路。(哪些是概念解释;哪些是举例分析?)
    2. 信息压缩:多个动词(用动名词作状语),多个描述(用定语从句),and连接
    3. 意思说到了即可,当相同表述重复时,尽量用不同的词汇。
    4. be qualified for the job…



    1. 第二个点:selective没有说全(没有听清楚)。
    2. 第六题要快点说:重点在于那两个例子。
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  • 托福口语王,对友谊参加托福考试的人儿有不小的帮助!
  • 本文大部分内容来源于 B站:【TOEFL119斯坦福学长】突破托福口语!- 根据2019年8月改革更新突破托福口语!,作者结合自身学习经验将其主要内容做了一定的整理,仅供于交流学习

    1.B站:【TOEFL119斯坦福学长】突破托福口语!- 根据2019年8月改革更新突破托福口语!

    本文最重要的部分为 Overall & 各二级标签 (Task 1-4) 的第一部分(作答模板)


    对于托福口语四个题型来说,除了清楚表达文本主旨 & 听力逻辑顺序和内容大意之外,还需合理运用逻辑连词增加表达的流畅性
    Transitional phrases: thus, as a result, in addition, furthermore, consequently … etc.

    Task 1 独立口语

    关于如何快速地找到 task 1 的论据,最关键是要 prepare your own high-level point resorvoir,请参阅我的另一篇博文 TOEFL Independent Writing 托福独立写作模板(学习笔记) 只中名为 Brainstorm 的二级标签,因为独立写作和独立口语的素材库几乎是一致的

    1.1 Template

    1. State your point
      In my opinion, … (your points, prefer/ agree/ disagree)
    2. Point one
      First of all … (Elaboration, not an example)
    3. Point two
      Second … (Example)

    1.2 Example1

    Question: Agree/ Disagree
    Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: it is disrespectful for tourists to take photos of strangers without their permission.


    1.2 Example2

    Question: Good idea?
    Since students now all have laptops, the school decides to cancel the computer lab. Do you think this is a good idea or not? Support your answers with details and examples.


    Task 2

    2.1 Template:

    1. State the change and reasons (小于15s)
      According to the announcement, … (change, ex: school shoud …)
    2. State the opinion
      And/ However, the man/ woman in the conversation
      2.1 thinks this is a greate/ bad idea for the following two reasons.
      2.2 holds a positive/ nagative view towards the anouncement.
    3. State the reasons
      First, he/ she mentions that …
      Besides, he/ she also mentions that …

    2.2 Example: TPO54 Task 2 (task3 in old edition)


    2.3 部分词汇的缩略记法(仅供参考)

    在我的另一篇笔记 TOEFL Integrated Writing 托福综合写作模板(学习笔记) 中的 section 2.3 也有涉及
    stu ---- student
    univ ---- university
    exp ---- experiment

    Task 3

    Task 3 听力部分的举例一般有两种情况:

    1. 两个例子说明两种特性
    2. 一个例子,分前、后/ 起因、结果两部分


    3.1 Template

    1. Reading topic
      The reading talks about (term/ idea), which means (term’s definition)
    2. Transition
      In the lecture, the professor uses (own experience/ an experiment/ an example) to illustrate the concept
    3. Parts/ Examples
      First, he/ she mentions that …
      Next, he/she says that …

    3.2 Example1: TPO54 Task 3 (task4 in old edition)

    3.2.1 note


    3.2.2 speaking


    3.3 Example2: TPO47 Task 3 (task4 in old edition)

    3.3.1 note


    3.3.2 speaking


    Task 4

    task 4 只有 listening 部分,听完听力后有 20s准备时间 + 60s表达时间

    4.1 Template

    1. State the topic
      In the lecture, the professor talks about (lecture topic), (Optional: which is (details and definition)).
    2. Part one/ Example one
      First, the professor discuss (Part 1 topic)
    3. Part two/ Example two
      Next, he/she further discuss (Part 2 topic)

    4.1 Example1: TPO54 Task 4 (task6 in old edition)

    4.1.1 note


    4.1.2 speaking


    4.2 Example2: TPO47 Task 4 (task6 in old edition)

    4.2.1 note


    4.2.2 speaking


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    Task4 find the definition There are mainly three ways to find the definition. Fiona段子 Bg:需要素材。网上有素材。 首次引入 其中一个特别好用的万能的段子是fiona段子。 (下一句) ...其...
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    这一种 选择1 好 坏 选择2 好 坏 把其中一个对角线合起来说 20191026 20190113 20190112 20190105 20181216 20181215 20181208 20181201  20181125   ......
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  • 托福口语一向是中国学生最头痛的托福考试项目。先不说题目难易程度如何,光是流利地表达自己也是相当考验功力。要做到第一步,即连贯流利的表达,少则一个月,多则一年的练习是绝对必要的。但是,往往托福报名之后,...



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