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    英语学习笔记 版本:v1.0 Crifan Li 摘要 此文主要介绍对于个人而言新的英语单词,新的句子表达方式等英语方面的学习记录 本文提供多种格式供: 在线阅读 HTML HTMLs PDF CHM TXT RTF ...



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    修订 1.0 2012-06-20 crl
    1. 添加了基本的内容


    3.1. 1-20单词的含义
    3.2. 21-40单词的含义

    第 1 章 常见英文句子表达


    1.1. 欢迎新同事
    1.2. 希望你花点时间做某事情
    1.3. 婚宴邀请



    Please join us in welcoming XXX (Employee Name) to our family of XXX (Company Name) and wish him every success !



    I will appreciate if you can spend some minutes to take this survey.



    XXX and XXX will hold wedding banquet on Saturday, 19th  November. We look forward to you and your family can attend the banquet, request the honor of your presence at the marriage of us

    第 2 章 英语单词组


    2.1. 和工作相关的
    2.1.1. 固定期限合同
    2.1.2. 由具体工作决定的期限 合同
    2.1.3. 试用期
    2.1.4. 解雇
    2.1.5. 人事档案信息
    2.1.6. 公积金
    2.1.7. 社保(社会保险)
    2.1.8. 统筹账户
    2.1.9. 年度业绩评估
    2.2. 假期
    2.2.1. 病假
    2.2.2. 缺席,缺勤
    2.2.3. 未经许可的缺勤
    2.2.4. 婚假
    2.2.5. 产假
    2.2.6. 护理假
    2.2.7. 流产假
    2.2.8. 陪产假
    2.2.9. 丧假

    2.1. 和工作相关的

    2.1.1. 固定期限合同
    2.1.2. 由具体工作决定的期限 合同
    2.1.3. 试用期
    2.1.4. 解雇
    2.1.5. 人事档案信息
    2.1.6. 公积金
    2.1.7. 社保(社会保险)
    2.1.8. 统筹账户
    2.1.9. 年度业绩评估



    fixed-term contract


    由具体工作决定的期限 合同

    contract with a term to expire upon completion of a certain job



    probation/ probationary period






    Personnel Files and Information



    SPF (SIP Provident Fund)



    Social Insurance



    Common account



    Annual Performance Appraisal


    2.2. 假期

    2.2.1. 病假
    2.2.2. 缺席,缺勤
    2.2.3. 未经许可的缺勤
    2.2.4. 婚假
    2.2.5. 产假
    2.2.6. 护理假
    2.2.7. 流产假
    2.2.8. 陪产假
    2.2.9. 丧假



    Sick Leave



    Leave of Absence



    Unauthorized leave



    Marriage Leave



    Maternity Leave



    Nursing leave



    Abortion Leave



    Paternity Leave



    Bereavement Leave

    第 3 章 新英语单词


    1. Evacuation1 procedures are implemented whenever the fire alarms have been activated.
    2. The following rules and policies are binding for every employee who works at the premises2 of M&M Software (Suzhou) GmbH
    3. This also includes employees from M&M Software in Sankt Georgen who work in Suzhou permanently ('Expatriates3') or who are just visiting the offices temporarily.
    4. The office shall not be used for private or recreational4 purposes.
    5. The electronic attendance system5 in connection with the personal card shall only be used by using one’s own card.
    6. The business divisions Factory Automation and Process Automation develop technologically outstanding and innovative PC and Web based solutions for renowned6 industrial customers.
    7. Synergy-effects7 between the business divisions will also reflect positively on our technological leadership
    8. Our main turnover8 is based on software development services in our target sector Industrial Automation.
    9. They must be able to work in a safe, pleasant and appealing9 workplace and working environment.
    10. We also want to create an environment, where they can gain personal satisfaction and self-esteem10 from their work.
    11. Therefore we support Product Envisioning11 and -Implementation
    12. The personal files of the employees will be entrusted to12 the company and be kept by its filing agent.
    13. They asked us to do a retrospective13 about the first months of that project.
    14. This FieldBus Kit (FBK) is an off-the shelf14, proven solution for the rapid development of FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus H1 (FF H1) and PROFIBUS PA (PB PA) field devices for intrinsically and non-intrinsically safe environments.
    15. The trendsetting15 FBK module is utilizing Softing’s communication ASIC UFC100-F1.
    16. The FBK module has an intrinsically16 safe design and has an ATEX certification.
    17. Relatively high fluctuation17 (but no big impact).
    18. System Control Fair18 2009,exhibitor18
    19. PROFIBUS enables proactive19 management over the life cycle of a plant.
    20. A broad spectrum of base technology components and development tools (PROFIBUS ASICs, PROFIBUS stacks, bus monitors, test tools and commissioning20 tools) and services are available for implementation of the PROFIBUS protocol.

    表 3.1. 1-20单词的含义

    序号 英文单词 中文含义 说明注释
    1 evacuation 疏散,撤离 指失火了,要逃离的情况
    2 premises 经营场所 此处是公司地址,场所的意思
    3 expatriates 外派人员 公司的外派人员
    4 recreational 娱乐的,休闲的  
    5 electronic attendance system 电子考勤系统  
    6 renowned 有名的,有声誉的 类似于famous
    7 Synergy-effects 协同效应  
    8 turnover 营业额  
    9 appealing 吸引人的,有吸引力的 类似于attractive
    10 personal satisfaction and self-esteem 自我满足和自尊  
    11 envisioning 展望,期望  
    12 be entrusted to 被委托给  
    13 retrospective 回顾  
    14 off-the shelf 现成的,成品的 相当于already available
    15 trendsetting 在服装式样、思想等方面)创新风的 创新,时尚
    16 intrinsically 固有的,内在的 与生俱来的,天生(就有某种很好的特性)的
    17 fluctuation 波动 可以用于公司员工离职和入职所造成的人员的波动。
    18 Fair;exhibitor 展览会;参展商  
    19 proactive 前瞻性,前沿性的  
    20 commissioning 试运转 =pilot=trial。一般产品设计完成后,拿到产线试运行,可以叫做pilot;此处指某个产品,放到现场环境测试运行,叫做commissioning;而消费者的针对一般的普通商品的试用,才叫trial。

    1. Additionally, PI competence Center and many suppliers offer support in this regard21.
    2. The technology reduces hardware requirements and lowers Capital Expenditures (CAPEX22).
    3. FOUNDATION HSE’s full-fledged23 redundancy scheme gives control systems greater availability than systems using simple ring-topology.
    4. A key tenet24 of the Fieldbus Foundation is that the FOUNDATION protocol is non-proprietary and available to all companies wishing to include it in their product offerings.
    5. The Fieldbus Kit allows applications in an intrinsically safe environment, and - due to its compact design - it can be used in a multitude of25 existing devices.
    6. The following table contains the language codes explicitly delineate26d for RSS.
    7. This signal is superimpose27d at a low level on the 4-to-20mA analog measurement signal without causing any interference with the analog signal.

    表 3.2. 21-40单词的含义

    序号 英文单词 中文含义 说明注释
    21 in this regard 就这一点而言,针对这点(来说)  
    22 Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) 资本支出 Capital Expenditure缩写为CAPEX,一般是指资金、固定资产的投入.对电信运营商来说,有关的网络设备、计算机、仪器等一次性支出的项目都属于CAPEX。与之对应的叫做OPEX,Operating Expense,运营(管理)支出(成本)
    23 full-fledged 羽翼丰满的,成熟的  
    24 tenet 信条,原则  
    25 a multitude of 大量的 相当于many,much
    26 delineate 描述,描绘  
    27 superimpose 叠加,置于他物之上 可用于指两种信号叠加


  • 英语学习笔记

    这些是我在学习的过程中遇到的一些陌生的单词,我将其记录到一个txt文件中, 并不断进行更新,前面这些是我在读Linux_Programming_4th_edition.EN.pdf中记录下的;

    #001_: somewhat experienced : 有一定经验;
    #002_: check all that apply : 可以全部选择;
    #003_: please specify : 请注明;
    #004_: acknowledgement : 鸣谢;
    #005_: den : 书房;兽穴;
    #006_: exceptional : 杰出的;优秀的;
    #007_: homage : 敬意
    #008_: foreword : 前言
    #009_: instrumentation : 仪表
    #010_: fluff : 搞糟;弄砸;
    #011_: simultaneous : 同步的
    #012_: semaphore : 信号
    #013_: mutexes : 互斥器
    #014_: scribble : 胡写乱画
    #015_: heroic : 英勇的
    #016_: compendium : 汇编;概要;
    #017_: decipher : 破译
    #018_: administer : 管理;治理;
    #019_: complementary : 互补的
    #020_: coverage : 覆盖范围
    #021_: construct : 构造
    #022_: recapitulation : 重述要旨
    #023_: sojourn : 逗留
    #024_: tractable : 易处理的
    #025_: nuts-and-bolts : 基础知识
    #026_: as always : 一如既往
    #027_: dedicate : 把…奉献给
    #028_: credit : 鸣谢
    #029_: International Standard Book Number : ISBN
    #030_: functionality : 功能性
    #031_: liberty : 自由
    #032_: rigorous : 严格的
    #033_: convention : 约定
    #034_: preceding : 上述的
    #035_: foreground : 前景色
    #036_: pertinent : 相关的
    #037_: presage : 预示
    #038_: progression : 进展
    #039_: salient : 显著的
    #040_: formidable : 难对付的
    #041_: palatable : 可接受的
    #042_: morsel : 小块
    #043_: erratum(p.l.:errata) : 勘误表
    #044_: precede : 领先于
    #045_: mandatory : 强制性的
    #046_: POSIX(Portable Operating System Interface X) : 可移植性操作系统接口
    #047_: specification : 规范
    #048_: in this respect : 在这方面
    #049_: KISS : Keep It Small and Simple
    #050_: ingeniously : 很有见识地
    #051_: incorporate : 包含;吸收;
    #052_: proprietary : 专属
    #053_: colon : 冒号
    #054_: semicolon : 分号
    #055_: compliant : 服从的
    #056_: vendor : 厂商
    #057_: equivalent : 相当的
    #058_: warranty : 保修单
    #059_: paginate : 分页
    #060_: permissible : 容许的
    #061_: wary : 小心的
    #062_: interactively : 交互式
    #063_: wildcard : 通配符
    #064_: expansion : 扩张;膨胀;
    #065_: globbing : 通配符
    #066_: negate : 否定;取消;
    #067_: arbitrary : 任意的;随心所欲的;
    #068_: substance : 物质;实质;
    #069_: glue : 胶合
    #070_: rigmarole : 冗长复杂的(手续)
    #071_: conventionally : 照惯例
    #072_: get into the habit of : 养成……的习惯
    #073_: prepend : 前置
    #074_: loophole : 漏洞
    #075_: salutation : 问候
    #076_: lurk : 潜伏
    #077_: intimidating : 吓人的
    #078_: substitution : 替换
    #079_: bright and early : 大清早
    #080_: verbose : 冗长的;详细的
    #081_: short circuit evaluation : 短路求值
    #082_: logician : 逻辑学家
    #083_: positional : 位置上的
    #084_: alternatively : 或者;另外;
    #085_: overlay : 覆盖
    #086_: nonexistent : 不存在的
    #087_: recursive : 递归的;循环的;
    #088_: incorporate : 包含;吸收;
    #089_: exhortation : 规劝;告诫;
    #090_: interpretation : 解释;理解;
    #091_: complicate : 使复杂化
    #092_: on-the-fly : 运行中
    #093_: glutton : 酷爱...的人
    #094_: terse : 简洁的
    #095_: thereafter : 此后
    #096_: backtick : 反引号
    #097_: modulo : 取模
    #098_: in preference to : 优先于
    #099_: principally : 主要地
    #100_: conversion : 转换;转化;
    #101_: specifier : 说明符
    #102_: conversion specifier : 转换符
    #103_: receipt : 收据;发票;
    #104_: hold down : 压制
    #105_: tricky : 复杂的
    #106_: delve into : 探究
    #107_: synopsis : 概要
    #108_: precedence : 优先
    #109_: underscore : 下划线
    #110_: dividend : 股利;分红;
    #111_: crop up : 出现;突然发生;
    #112_: not least : 尤其是
    #113_: grep : general regular expression parser
    #114_: anchor : 锚
    #115_: square brace : 方括号(e.g."[" and "]")
    #116_: precede : 先于;前置;
    #117_: alphanumeric : 含有字母和数字的
    #118_: punctuation : 标点符号
    #119_: get the hang of : 理解;找到窍门;掌握;
    #120_: subscribe : 签署;订购;捐助;
    #121_: on receipt of : 当收到…的时候
    #122_: lastly : 最后要说的是...
    #123_: Let's say : 比方说
    #124_: exclamation marks : 感叹号
    #125_: likewise : 同样地;类似地;
    #126_: catalogue : 目录册
    #127_: adequate : 足够的
    #128_: textual : 文本的
    #129_: as a last resort : 万不得已
    #130_: suffice : 足够
    #131_: csv : 逗号分隔值(Comma-separated Value)
    #132_: in its own right : 本身;凭借自身力量;
    #133_: must-have : <非正式>必备品
    #134_: unmatched : 无与伦比的
    #135_: devoid : 完全没有
    #136_: polymorphism : 多态性
    #137_: supplement : 附录;补充;
    #138_: appendix : 附录
    #139_: usr : Unix Software Resource
    #140_: affirmative : 同意的
  • 恶魔奶爸的英语学习笔记
    • 零基础入门
      • 赖世雄
    • 初级
      • 赖世雄美语音标
      • Coach Shane’s Daily Easy English Expression(B站)
      • ESLPOD:(只学商务3课)
    • 初中级
      • 适合人群
      • Daily Dictation (200期)
      • Englishpod
      • 初中级做跟读的原因
    • 中级
      • 语块的积累
        • 如果不能熟练掌握这些word cluster和collocation(词的搭配),那么在听读输入时候,会遇到极大的障碍
        • 在英语中,表意的重要组成单位不是孤立的单词,而是固定的语块
        • 所谓纯正英语是说你有能力用各种小词组成的固定搭配来灵活表意,并且注意符合语言的场合环境,才算是真正的英语好
      • A阶段:毕业典礼演讲精读模仿
        • 原因侧重点:积累词汇量、提高表达法
      • B阶段:大量泛听美剧,不管自己能否全部看懂,看着画面猜剧情看下去即可
        • 最不推荐情境喜剧,非常不适合学英语
      • C阶段,复述幽默短文:口语输出练习的最好方法
    • 中高级:英文语法与阅读
      • 最适合人群和能达到的水平
      • 1.语法
        • 把赖世雄的书看多遍,然后只要剑桥语法中级,从头到尾多做几遍题,把例句和知识点都背熟
      • 2.大量阅读和积累词汇
        • 自传比他传要更好
    • 高级课程
      • 适用人群
      • 第一阶段 精度美剧波士顿法律
      • 第二阶段,中国主题的语块学习法
    • 英语考试的真相:针对英语考试的准备
      • Daily Dictation和复述小故事
    • 针对听说读写语法发音词汇的专项建议
  • 英语学习笔记部分汇总——wsdchong

    千次阅读 2020-08-18 17:36:54
    英语学习笔记部分汇总 回顾一下以前做的笔记。 英语单词记忆以及句式记忆 四级考试技巧 内容有三:英语四级准备、英语思维、范文 英语思维是我听网易云课堂的课的笔记:英语思维养成


















    • 写作:审题、字迹工整;30分钟
    • 听力:认真听,划关键词,听关键词;
    • 翻译:字迹工整;二十分钟内;
    • 阅读:词汇部分看词性与词组;













    1.Be动词(表状态):Our business is all about looks.

    2.have(表所属,拥有所有权):Do I still have your loyalty?

    3.give(表给予,交出所有权):Please give me a hand,

    4.get(表拥有,获得所有权):本意:得到——引申:理解——做一件事;I get it.


    1.被动句:I am lost. 2.拟人句:The line is busy.


    1.英文习惯用空间、时间、方位来表达逻辑关系:There is a sheet over the bed.

    2.穿过(表面)across:She sailed across the street.

    ​ 穿过(三维)through:The rabbit acme into yard through a hole.

    3.抽象逻辑:I am behind you. Love comes before money.


    1.一物承载另一物on:On your feet!

    一物附属另一物with:The car has three people on it.

    抽象承载:The pressure is on me.

    方式承载(依靠工具):The machine works on two batteries.

    结果承载:She left on me.

    状态承载:on sale、on show、on fire、on rise

    2.一物在另一物内in:I sit in a couch.

    在某个范围内:He will be with you in five minutes.

    抽象在范围内:I wish to pass the exam in on take.

    是另一物的组成部分:Peter is in advertising business.

    受某种状态的影响:I am in a big trouble.

    3.一物覆盖另一物over:I put a blanket over the baby.

    从某一点到另一点(时/空):over here! She told me over coffee.

    超过、胜过、优于:I am so over men.

    4.离开某个位置off:Get your feet off my couch.

    离开某种状态:You can’t buy us off.





    ​ 借代:a ball of string,bottle cap,kneecap,








    This is a simple but enlightening saying “Listening Is more Important than talking.” Obviously/ Apparently, this saying can be naturally associated with the importance of paying attention to others’ opinions.


    In contemporary society, it has become a trend for young people to talk a lot and neglect others’ opinions. Meanwhile, a number of intelligent people find it increasingly important to pay attention to others’ opinions than express one’s own thoughts. To start with, listening shows your respect for others, which will make you gain trust and friendship. Thus if individuals have the habit of listening more, they can keep a happy and harmonious relationship with others. In addition, we can learn a lot by paying attention to others’ opinion. It is listening that enables people to accumulate adequate knowledge, skills and experience for their future life. As a matter of fact, successful people in large numbers have never ignored the importance of listening in life.


    As a college student, I am convinced that it is of great necessity for all youngsters to cultivate the awareness of listening whenever and wherever. We should educate, advocate and encourage our friends, classmates and acquaintances to do so. Only when we realize the significance of listening can we lead a better life.




    Lesson1 A puma at large

    Pumas are large, cat-like animals which are found in America. When reports came into London Zoo that a wild puma had been spotted forty-five miles south of London, they were not taken seriously. However, as the evidence began to accumulate, experts from the Zoo felt obliged to investigate, for the descriptions given by people who claimed to have seen the puma were extraordinarily similar.

    The hunt for the puma began in a small village where a woman picking blackberries saw ‘a large cat’ only five yards away from her. It immediately ran away when she saw it, and experts confirmed that a puma will not attack a human being unless it is cornered(adj.被困得走投无路的). The search proved difficult, for the puma was often observed at one place in the morning and at another place twenty miles away in the evening. Wherever it went, it left behind it a trail of dead deer and small animals like rabbits. Paw prints were seen in a number of places and puma fur was found clinging to bushes. Several people complained of ‘cat-like noises’ at night and a businessman on a fishing trip saw the puma up a tree. The experts were now fully convinced that the animal was a puma, but where had it come from ? As no pumas had been reported missing from any zoo in the country, this one must have been in the possession of a private collector and somehow managed to escape. The hunt went on for several weeks, but the puma was not caught. It is disturbing to think that a dangerous wild animal is still at large in the quiet countryside.



    Lesson 2 Thirteen equals one

    Our vicar is always raising money for one cause or another, but he has never managed to get enough money to have the church clock repaired. The big clock which used to strike the hours day and night was damaged many years ago and has been silent ever since.

    ’ One night, however, our vicar woke up with a start: the clock was striking the hours! Looking at his watch, he saw that it was one o’clock, but the bell struck thirteen times before it stopped. Armed with a torch, the vicar went up into the clock tower to see what was going on. In the torchlight, he caught sight of a figure whom he immediately recognized as Bill Wilkins, our local grocer. ‘Whatever are you doing up here Bill ?’ asked the vicar in surprise.

    ’ I’m trying to repair the bell,’ answered Bill.’ I’ve been coming up here night after night for weeks now. You see, I was hoping to give you a surprise.’

    ‘You certainly did give me a surprise!’ said the vicar. ‘You’ve probably woken up everyone in the village as well. Still, I’m glad the bell is working again.’

    ‘That’s the trouble, vicar,’ answered Bill. ‘It’s working all right, but I’m afraid that at one o’clock it will strike thirteen times and there’s nothing I can do about it.’

    ‘We’ll get used to that Bill,’ said the vicar. ‘Thirteen is not as good as one but it’s better than nothing. Now let’s go downstairs and have a cup of tea.’








    Lesson 3 An unknown goddess

    Some time ago,an interesting discovery was made by archaeologists on the Aegean(adj.爱琴海的;n.)island of Kea.An American team explored a temple which stands in an ancient city on the promontory of Ayia Irini.The city at one time must have been prosperous,for it enjoyed a high level of civilization.Houses–often three storeys high–were built of stone.They had large rooms with beautifully decorated walls.The city was even equipped with a drainage system,for a great many clay pipes were found beneath the narrow streets.

    The temple which the archaeologists explored was used as a place of worship from the fifteenth century B.C. until Roman times. In the most sacred room of the temple, clay fragments of fifteen statues were found. Each of these represented a goddess and had, at one time, been painted. The body of one statue was found among remains dating from the fifteenth century B.C. Its missing head happened to be among remains of the fifth century B.C. This head must have been found in Classical times and carefully preserved. It was very old and precious even then. When the archaeologists reconstructed the fragments, they were amazed to find that the goddess turned out to be a very modern-looking woman. She stood three feet high and her hands rested on her hip. She was wearing a full-length skirt which swept the ground. Despite her great age, she was very graceful indeed, but, so far, the archaeologists have been unable to discover her identity.





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