• Hyperlink

    2021-05-10 13:15:03
    一个Hyperlink类(javafx.scene.control.Hyperlink)对象,代表一个超链接控件 JavaFX的超链接跟HTML的超链接作用和用法一致 ■ 创建超链接 Hyperlink link = new Hyperlink("Click me!"); ■ 文本 通过 setText() ...

    ■ 关于超链接


    ■ 创建超链接

    Hyperlink link = new Hyperlink("Click me!");

    ■ 文本

    通过 setText() 方法为超链接设置文本

    Hyperlink link = new Hyperlink("Click me!");
    link.setText("New link text");

    ■ 文本样式

    通过 setFont() 方法为超链接的文本设置字体样式

    Hyperlink link = new Hyperlink("Click Me!");
    Font courierNewFontBold36 = Font.font("Courier New", FontWeight.BOLD, 36);

    ■ 监听


    Hyperlink link = new Hyperlink("Click me!");
    link.setOnAction(e -> {
        System.out.println("The Hyperlink was clicked!");

    2008-06-28 12:16:00
    4.HYPERLINK函数的妙用 HYPERLINK函数用于创建各种快捷方式,比如打开文档或网络驱动器,跳转到某个网址等。说得夸大一点,在某个单元格中输入此函数之后,可以跳到我们想去的任




      单击“确定”,弹出HYPERLINK函数参数设置对话框。 在“Link_location”中键入要链接的文件(也可以输入某个网址),比如:“D:/EXCEL工作簿/工资表.xls”;在“Friendly_name”中键入“打开工资表”。





  • Hyperlink

    2008-06-28 10:16:00
    在浏览WWW时,文字下方画有底线,或图形有框线时,将滑鼠移到该区域,滑鼠形状会变成手指,按下滑鼠後,便会连到另一个网页。这样的动作就是超连结。 网页中链接其它网页的文本串称为HYPERLINK.
  • HyperLink

    2011-11-13 13:21:39
    <asp:HyperLink ID="HyperLink1" runat="server" ForeColor="#008CE2" NavigateUrl='("LineID") %>' Target="_blank"> ; width: 100%; height: 100%; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader...
    <asp:HyperLink ID="HyperLink1" runat="server" ForeColor="#008CE2" NavigateUrl='<%# "TourLine/LineInfo.aspx?uNO="+Eval("LineID") %>'
        <div style="cursor: hand; width: 100%; height: 100%; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='images/tubj2.gif', sizingMethod='scale');">
            <table style="width: 100%; height: 100%;">
                        <img id="Img1" runat="server" height="64" src='<%# Eval("ImagUrl") %>' style="border-width: 0px;"
                            width="236" /></td>

  • Hyperlink support

    2020-12-09 03:41:41
    <div><p>I've added support for hyperlink targets so other plugins can create yaml hyperlink detectors.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:oyse/yedit</p></div>
  • Submission Hyperlink

    2020-12-09 07:30:41
    <p>Backend (Author submission step) - If an author were to click on the hyperlink in the submission process it opens the page in the same window. <p><strong>What application are you using? OJS 3.2 ...
  • Adding hyperlink

    2020-11-29 01:52:38
    t see a way of adding hyperlink. If we have <code>{website}</code> in the template and pass a valid hyperlink for example <code>https://github.com</code> as a value, it will be displayed as raw text. ...
  • Hyperlink Support

    2021-01-08 17:51:17
    <p>I found the pull request for a previous version while seeing if native Hyperlink support was added. I personally don't need any other "formulas" just the HYPERLINK to have clickable ...
  • Hyperlink disappears

    2020-12-05 04:29:39
    I keep adding a hyperlink of type "file:///...", save the site, then when I return the hyperlink is gone. By the way, this is not about the link not working. I have figured out that the link ...
  • Styling hyperlink

    2020-12-06 12:05:32
    <div><p>Is it possible yet to style a Hyperlink with TextRun-styles, like calling .bold() ? <pre><code>javascript var doc = new Document(); var paragraph = new Paragraph(); var link = doc....
  • Duplicate hyperlink

    2020-12-09 00:46:34
    <div><p>Hi, <p>NodePDF creates a duplicate hyperlink on the PDF if one exists on the htlml page, any solution to this issue?</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:TJkrusinski/NodePDF</p></div>
  • CE Hyperlink

    2020-12-29 13:47:45
    <p>the CE Hyperlink provides the posibility to select an own template (contao 3.3.2). But the selection has no impact. I can choose whatever template (even "ce_accordion"), the output is every...
  • HyperLink Injection

    2020-12-01 18:34:32
    <div><p>An attacker can change the last name of his account to a URL to send the invitation to the users of the user with a hyperlink Malicious <p>Allowing an attacker to prey on users and could also ...
  • Hyperlink text

    2020-12-09 13:11:27
    I wanted to ask if there has been any update on Hyperlink support. I can see in issue #39 that this was mentioned. <p>Moreover, I am in need also of underlining text so that it looks like a link. Is...
  • Rebuild hyperlink

    2020-11-30 11:24:58
    <p>Replaces link checking with updated version of hyperlink. <p>There is a number of content issues that are being revealed when running the link checking. I'll do my best to create an updated ...
  • 切换中英文的分析文章 see also iOS14 适配:【KVC 不允许访问 UIPageControl的pageImage解决方案】方案一:preferredIndicatorImage集合color相关的方法来处理。方案二:自定义控件 ...textview4hyperlink
  • HyperLink 控件

    2018-10-13 17:24:59
    HyperLink 控件 HyperLink 控件用于创建超链接。 该控件的属性列表 属性 描述 ImageUrl 显示此链接的图像的URL NavigateUrl 该链接的目标URL runat 规定该控件是服务器控件。必须被设置为 “server”。 ...
  • Highlighting a hyperlink

    2020-12-05 02:57:10
    <div><p>Hello, I am ...spansBuilder.add(Collections.singleton(new Hyperlink(matcher.group(0))), matcher.end() - matcher.start()); </code></pre>该提问来源于开源项目:FXMisc/RichTextFX</p></div>
  • matlab开发-Hyperlink

    2019-11-17 01:04:33
  • 保存从当前浏览器页面到Hyperlink5主页的链接。免费帐户和登录到Hyperlink5是必需的。 将书签保存到云中,并可以从任何浏览器访问它们,而无需同步。 不要被图片页面的简单性所欺骗。 您可以搜索书签,拖放以进行...
  • Hyperlink feature added

    2020-11-24 13:20:20
    <div><p>I added hyperlink feature, my editor move some lines in report.rb sorry, pls if you can just copy the hyperlink parts (or if you want I'll make a cleaner request). <p>Two files are ...
  • No hyperlink properties

    2020-12-08 18:20:26
    2. Highlight text and click hyperlink button in the toolbar. 3. What is the expected output? What do you see instead? Expect to see a dialog box that allow you to insert a hyperlink to a URL, Page ...
  • Hyperlink inside Cell

    2020-12-02 00:11:23
    <p>I have been trying to find a way I could insert a hyperlink inside a table cell. Unfortunately since <strong>row.createCell</strong> only takes float and String parameters, not really sure how to ...
  • Correct Twitter hyperlink

    2020-12-28 10:03:45
    <div><p>The current Twitter hyperlink sends you nowhere.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi</p></div>



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