• 32blit Docker STM32构建环境 此存储库提供了一个容器化的构建环境,用于编译要在32blit上安装的代码。 这种方法的好处是,该构建环境将可在任何OS(Windows,Linux,OSX)上运行。 构建可以如下简单。 cd 32bli...
  • 32Blit样板 这是启动32blit项目的基本模板。 它显示了基本的代码布局和资产流水线,希望能为人们提供任何新项目的起点。 它基于的原始template项目,并添加了资产处理功能,并且进行了一些整理以适应我的工作方式...
  • Amiga 的平面 CPU blit 操作 下面是一些基于 CPU 的位图位图位图操作。 有遮罩版和非遮罩版可供选择。 它们将执行严格的 32 位对齐的内存访问。 这在 Amiga 1200/4000 上启用了 fastmem->fastmem 和 fastmem->...
  • Graphics.Blit

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    https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Graphics.Blit.html ...public static void Blit(Texture source, RenderTexture dest); public static void Blit(Texture source, RenderTexture dest, Mate...


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    public static void Blit(Texture source, RenderTexture dest);
    public static void Blit(Texture source, RenderTexture dest, Material mat, int pass = -1);
    public static void Blit(Texture source, Material mat, int pass = -1);
    public static void Blit(Texture source, RenderTexture dest, Vector2 scale, Vector2 offset);
    public static void Blit(Texture source, RenderTexture dest, int sourceDepthSlice, int destDepthSlice);
    public static void Blit(Texture source, Material mat, int pass, int destDepthSlice);
    public static void Blit(Texture source, RenderTexture dest, Vector2 scale, Vector2 offset, int sourceDepthSlice, int destDepthSlice);

    source:source texture
    dest:the desination RenderTexture. set this to null to blit directly to screen.
    mat:material to use. material’s shader could to some post-processing effect.
    pass:if -1 (default), draws all passes in the material. otherwise, draws given pass only.
    offset:offset applied to the source texture coordinate.
    scale:scale applied to the source texture coordinate.

    copies source texture into destination render texture with a shader.
    this is mostly used for implementing post-processing effects.

    blit sets dest as the render target, set source _MainTex property on the material, and draws a full-screen quad.

    if dest is null, the screen backbuffer is used as the blit destination, except if the main camera is currently set to render to a render texture (that is Camera.main has a non-null targetTexture property). in that cast the blit uses the render target of the main camera as destination. in order to ensure that the blit is actually done to the screen backbuffer, make sure to set Camera.main.targetTexture to null before calling blit.

    note that if u want to use depth or stencil buffer that is part of source (render) texture, u will have to do equivalent of blit functionally manually.

    note that a call to blit with source and dest set to the same RenderTexture may result in undefined behaviour. a better approach is to either ues Custom Render Textures with double buffering, or use two render textures and alternate between them to implement double buffering manually.

    using UnityEngine;
    public class Example : MonoBehaviour
    { // Copies aTexture to rTex and displays it in all cameras.
        Texture aTexture;
        RenderTexture rTex;
        void Start()
            if (!aTexture || !rTex)
                Debug.LogError("A texture or a render texture are missing, assign them.");
        void Update()
            Graphics.Blit(aTexture, rTex);

    如果主相机上的有render target,则这个OnRenderImage的destination即为整个render texture。否则是:
    否则就是back buffer,并且会直接画到屏幕上。

    首先将原始图片,经过dofMaterial材质处理,得到的结果拷贝到coc中去,coc为中间变量render texture。
    然后将coc拷贝到destination中去,而此时destination为back buffer,所以会绘制到屏幕上去。
    要保证绘制到屏幕上去,那么就需要保证blit的函数的dest为null,也就是摄像机的target texture为null。

  • optimization to the blit() method: <p>If the rect of active overlay elements is empty (that is, the screen is empty), do not perform a blit at all. <p>The change also introduces an extra call to blit ...
  • Feature/image blit

    2020-12-02 00:31:12
    It converts the image to a TCOD image and passes the variables to TCOD_image_blit_2x or TCOD_image_blit_rect depending on a flag called "subcell_res". In the future, it could also be used to ...
  • ProperJS // Blit 一个简单的游戏周期引擎。 安装 npm i properjs-blit --save-dev 用法 使用Blit在Javascript画布上对动画进行排序的示例: import Blit from "properjs-blit" ; const images = [ ...
  • Blit渲染器功能 基于的Blit 扩展为允许以下选项: •特定选择源和目标的访问权限(通过当前相机的颜色/纹理ID /渲染纹理对象•自动转换为使用_AfterPostProcessTexture进行After Rendering事件,以正确处理应用后...
  • <div><p>Minor precision tweaks to blit shader for squeezing out extra bit of GPU performance on the lower end of the supported iOS hardware stack such as the iPad Air 1 by setting to lowp instead of ...
  • 适用于32blit控制台的代码和游戏!( ) 每个游戏/项目的目标都是200行以下可读代码。 3dcube-3d矢量立方体 bitmapstuff-使用位图操作的实验 carsprint-受supersprint启发的赛车 dune2-经典RTS jetpac-经典的...
  • 32blit掌上游戏机的跳跳游戏。 作为国王与邪恶的猪搏斗,并通过城堡搜寻它们。 有关所有故事,请参见我们的 。 该游戏仍在进行中。 尚未完成的游戏。 ANG! 游戏使用SwordLord (Dainty Animations'N Gears) ...
  • crash by term.blit()

    2020-12-01 15:07:54
    <ul><li>Minecraft version: 1.15.2</li><li>CC: Tweaked version: cc-tweaked-1.15.2-1.86.2</li><li>Detailed reproduction steps: <code>term.blit("abc", "red", "whi")</code></li> ...
  • </li><li>Scale add-on icon to 64x64 and then BLIT() with cross</li><li>BLIT add-on icon to empty icon of desired size, such as 64x64 and apply BLIT(icon-publish.png) after that.</li></ol><p>该提问来源...
  • 一个简单的塔防游戏,用于32Blit复古控制台。 建造 Linux: mkdir build cd build cmake .. make 32位: mkdir build.stm32 cd build.stm32 cmake .. -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE="../32blit-sdk/32blit.toolchain" ...
  • specs-blit:specs ECS系统的2D精灵渲染扩展
  • <div><p>Fixes #594 ...For the game, we use <code>Blit</code> where we now scale before blitting if the surface has a color key.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:diasurgical/devilutionX</p></div>
  • Fix blit

    2020-12-01 20:27:39
    <ul><li>[x] Change implemented (can be split into several points),</li><li>[x] add tests,</li><li>[x] ready for review.</li></ul><p>该提问来源于开源项目:hyperspy/hyperspy</p></div>
  • pygame的的实现动画的方法有很多,...surface.blit(image,(x,y),rect) 在这里surface.blit()这个方法应该大家都很熟悉了,我们就是利用第三个参数,也就是绘制区域的变化实现的动画.我们将图像的一部分绘制出来。如果加
  • $ npm install -g ansi-blit 用: Usage: blit [OPTIONS] FILENAME Options: --mode [STRING] Display mode: full|tile|randomtile (Default is full) --showbounds Scale image to console width (Default is ...
  • 32Blit样板 这是启动32blit项目的基本模板。 它显示了基本的代码布局和资产流水线,希望能为人们提供任何新项目的起点。 它基于的原始boilerplate项目,并添加了Emscripten版本。 用法 来生成您自己的项目。 编辑...
  • Split SSE2 blitter into multiple blitters to see if we can improve speed in most common surface setup versus rarer cases.</li><li>[x] Add test for blit surface with per pixel alpha and surface alpha ...
  • Bit blit----From Wikipedia

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    Bit blit From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected fromBitBLT) Jump to:navigation,search Bit blit(bitblt,blittingetc.) is acomputer graphicsoperation in which severalbitmappatte...

    Bit blit

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    Bit blit (bitbltblitting etc.) is a computer graphics operation in which several bitmap patterns are combined into one using a "raster operator".

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    [edit] Origins

    The name derives from the BitBLT machine instruction for the Xerox Alto computer, standing for "Bit Block Transfer". This operation was created by Diana Merry at Xerox PARC for the Smalltalk-72 system. For the Smalltalk-74 system, Dan Ingallsimplemented a redesigned version in microcode.

    The development of fast methods for various bit blit operations was key in the evolution of computer displays from using character graphics, to using bitmap graphics for everything. Machines that rely heavily on the performance of 2D graphics(such as video game consoles) come with a special-purpose chip called a blitter.

    [edit] Bit blit techniques and uses

    A classic use for blitting is to render transparent sprites onto a background. It is usually not feasible to go through every pixeland find out if it needs to be displayed, due to considerations of speed. For example, if we have the following background image:

    and wish to display various sprites on top of it representing, for example, objects within a game to produce this:

    Sprites (Left) and Masks (Right)

    What first is needed are the bitmaps for the sprites and the corresponding masks. The colours are very important as the sprite background and the mask foreground are black, stored in binary as 0's. The mask background is white, stored in binary as 1's.

    The first blit uses the raster operator of AND with the background and the mask of the sprites. Because any value ANDed with 0 equals 0, and any value ANDed with 1 is unchanged, we can create black areas where the actual sprites will appear, and leave the rest of the background alone.

    The second blit uses the raster operator of OR with the altered background and the actual sprite. Because any value OR'd with 0 is unchanged, the background is unaffected and the black areas are filled with the actual sprite image.

    It is also possible to achieve the same effect using a sprite with a white background and a white-on-black mask. In this case, the mask would be ORed first, and the sprite ANDed next.

    [edit] Blitting vs. sprites

    Blitting is similar to hardware-sprite drawing, in that both systems reproduce a pattern, typically a square area, at different locations on the screen. Sprites have the advantage of being stored in separate memory, and therefore don't disturb the main display memory. This allows them to be moved about the display, covering the "background", with no effect on it.

    Blitting moves the same types of patterns about the screen, but does so by writing into the same memory as the rest of the display. This means every time the pattern is placed on the screen, the display "under" it is overwritten, or "damaged". It is up to the software to clean this damage up by blitting twice, once to remove the damage, and then again to place the bit in its new location. However, there are several ways to optimize this. If large areas of the screen are taken over by the patterns, it may be more efficient to blit the background to the screen instead of erasing each pattern individually. A variation involves dividing the screen into segments and erasing only the segments where patterns have been drawn on. This technique is known as dirty rectangles.

    As one might imagine, this makes blitting significantly slower than sprite manipulation. However blitting has one very big advantage: there's no physical limit to the number of patterns you can blit, or to the size of the patterns. Thus you can use blitting to display anything on the screen, including simulating sprites (through the double-write pattern noted above), or even text.

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  • pygame code, sometime it will come out with a bug : pygame.error: Surfaces must not be locked during blit, but sometime it won't, I don't use PixelArray, maybe it's the problem of two ...
  • 在PyCharm中依托PYgame进行游戏开发的练习,在编写一个函数以抽取blit操作之后频繁跳出“TypeError: invalid destination position for blit”的操作 以下是源代码: def blitSeq(data,x,y): if isinstance(data,...

    在PyCharm中依托PYgame进行游戏开发的练习,在编写一个函数以抽取blit操作之后频繁跳出“TypeError: invalid destination position for blit”的操作

    def blitSeq(data,x,y):
        if isinstance(data,list):
            for d in data:


  • <div><p>All the blit unorm to uscaled (and presumably sscaled) tests will fail, as vktApiCopiesAndBlittingTests.cpp:2284 will return false due to unorm textures counting as float, and uscaled/sscaled ...
  • write only occured later so the blit buffer could have been overwritten by a new value. <p>BLIT 0 13700 TREG 40 40 DIR 0 0 BLIT 0 13f00 <=== the bad guy Write! ... => 0x3f00 W:1 ...
  • (八)Grahpics之Blit

    2020-05-05 17:27:32
    Graphics的Blit方法是比较简单也是比较常用的方法。最简单的作用是将一张纹理绘制到另一张纹理中。而在此方法中可以指定一种材质来实现特殊的效果,所以常和OnRenderImage方法配合使用来实现屏幕后处理效果。 2....




    void OnRenderImage(RenderTexture src, RenderTexture dest)方法是unity中渲染流程的最后阶段,如果不调用此方法则渲染的图像直接显示到屏幕上(不考虑buffer问题),如果调用则src为获取到的渲染图像,dest则为绘制的目标纹理。调用此方法的脚本需要挂载在含有camera组建的脚本上。


    3.1 最简单应用


        void OnRenderImage(RenderTexture src, RenderTexture dest)
         	Graphics.Blit(src, dest);

    3.2 最基本应用


        material.SetFloat("_Brightness", brightness);
        void OnRenderImage(RenderTexture src, RenderTexture dest)
         	Graphics.Blit(src, dest, material);

    3.3 完整范例

    public class GaussianBlur : PostEffectsBase {
    	public Shader matShader;
    	private Material mat;
    	public Material material {  
    		get {
    			mat=new Material(matShader)}
    			return mat;
    	[Range(0, 4)]
    	public int iterations = 3;
    	void OnRenderImage (RenderTexture src, RenderTexture dest) {
    		if (material != null) {
    			int rtW = src.width
    			int rtH = src.height
    			RenderTexture buffer0 = RenderTexture.GetTemporary(rtW, rtH, 0);
    			buffer0.filterMode = FilterMode.Bilinear;
    			Graphics.Blit(src, buffer0);
    			for (int i = 0; i < iterations; i++) {
    				RenderTexture buffer1 = RenderTexture.GetTemporary(rtW, rtH, 0);
    			Graphics.Blit(buffer0, buffer1, material, 0);
    				buffer0 = buffer1;
    				buffer1 = RenderTexture.GetTemporary(rtW, rtH, 0);
    				// Render the horizontal pass
    				Graphics.Blit(buffer0, buffer1, material, 1);
    				buffer0 = buffer1;
    			Graphics.Blit(buffer0, dest);
    		} else {
    			Graphics.Blit(src, dest);



  • 图片显示的优化以及blit

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