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    2020-11-30 07:57:18
    <div><p>Why dont you create a lazy load function? Like a royal slider.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:sachinchoolur/lightslider</p></div>
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    2020-09-25 19:25:08
    是一款基于 jQuery 的图片延迟加载插件,它可以让浏览器可视区域外的图片不加载,当滚动到它们的位置时才加载。...​$(“img.lazy”).lazyload({effect: “fadeIn”}); lazyload()参数设置: 参数 含义 placehold

    是一款基于 jQuery 的图片延迟加载插件,它可以让浏览器可视区域外的图片不加载,当滚动到它们的位置时才加载。延迟加载可以使页面加载更快,减少服务器的负担,甚至是节约带宽。

    .为图片加入样式类名lazy 图片路径引用方法用data-original

    ​$(“img.lazy”).lazyload({effect: “fadeIn”});
    参数 含义
    placeholder:“img/grey.gif” 用图片提前占位
    effect 载入使用何种效果值有show(直接显示),fadeIn(淡入),slideDown(下拉)等,常用fadeIn
    threshold: 200 代表页面高度.如设置为200,表示滚动条在离目标位置还有200的高度时就开始加载图片,可以做到不让用户察觉
    event: ‘click’ 值有click(点击),mouseover(鼠标划过)可以实现鼠标莫过或点击图片才开始加载
    container 值为某容器.lazyload默认在拉动浏览器滚动条时生效,这个参数可以让你在拉动某DIV的滚动条时依次加载其中的图片
    failurelimit : 10 值为数字.lazyload默认在找到第一张不在可见区域里的图片时则不再继续加载,但当HTML容器混乱的时候可能出现可见区域内图片并没加载出来的情况,failurelimit意在加载N张可见区域外的图片,以避免出现这个问题

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    2021-01-09 01:09:56
    ve been trying to (unsuccessfully) implement is a Lazy Load for images in each Slide. <p>Do you have any plans to implement something to that matter that uses the standard data-original to src method...
  • lazy load

    2017-12-08 08:30:07
  • Vue-Lazyload Vue module for lazyloading images in your applications. Some of goals of this project worth noting include: Be lightweight, powerful and easy to use Work on any image type Add ...
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    2013-02-28 16:46:00
    http://www.appelsiini.net/projects/lazyload http://www.cnblogs.com/cloudgamer/archive/2010/02/01/LazyLoad.html http://www.cnblogs.com/starweb/archive/2012/05/30/2524980.html 转载于:https://www....







  • 一个lazyload组件适合于React Native。 安装 npm install react-native-lazyload 成分 成分 描述 LazyloadScrollView 基于ScrollView lazyload容器组件 LazyloadListView 基于ListView lazyload容器组件 ...
  • 启用a3 lazy load、bj lazy load插件时,文章中的图片在文章中能正常显示,但点开后是一个像素点 <p><strong>产生环境 chrome、手机浏览器、 qq内置浏览器都会出现此问题 WordPress版本是5.0.3 - 设备&#...
  • <div><p>WP Smush has a lazyload functionality: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/smush-image-lazy-load-free/</p> <p>When that's enabled in combination to WP Rocket's lazyload, images aren't...
  • lazyload.min.While improvements in browsers means more cool APIs for us to play with, it also means we need to maintain existing code. With Firefox 4's release came news that my MooTools LazyLoad plu....


    While improvements in browsers means more cool APIs for us to play with, it also means we need to maintain existing code.  With Firefox 4's release came news that my MooTools LazyLoad plugin was not intercepting image loading -- the images were loading regardless of the plugin, much like it always had with WebKit-based browsers.  Intercepting had continued to work within Internet Explorer but IE's reign of dominance is dying.  Clearly I needed to bite the bullet and code LazyLoad to use custom data- attributes to store the real image path.

    浏览器的改进意味着我们可以使用更酷的API,但这也意味着我们需要维护现有代码。 随着Firefox 4的发布,有消息说我的MooTools LazyLoad插件没有拦截图像加载-不管插件如何,图像都在加载,这与基于WebKit的浏览器一样。 侦听一直在Internet Explorer中进行,但是IE的统治地位正在消失。 显然,我需要咬一口气,并为LazyLoad编写代码以使用自定义数据属性来存储实际图像路径。

    Note:  It was always apparent that using custom attributes would become a necessity, but I hated doing so.  The big issue is with this is that it completely bricks image viewing for browsers which don't support JavaScript.  Since popular demand is calling for the data- attributes, and browsers are moving toward loading images before JS can intercept them, this was the really the only option.

    注意:很明显,使用自定义属性将成为必要,但是我讨厌这样做。 最大的问题是,它为不支持JavaScript的浏览器完全阻塞了图像浏览。 由于流行的需求正在要求数据属性,并且浏览器正朝着在JS无法拦截图像之前加载图像的方向发展,因此,这实际上是唯一的选择。

    Enter LazyLoad 2.0.  This second generation of MooTools LazyLoad does introduce breaking changes but the class itself is more compact and dynamic.  Here's the new class:

    输入LazyLoad 2.0。 第二代MooTools LazyLoad确实引入了重大更改,但类本身更加紧凑和动态。 这是新班级:

    var LazyLoad = new Class({
    	Implements: [Options,Events],
    	/* additional options */
    	options: {
    		range: 200,
    		elements: "img",
    		container: window,
    		mode: "vertical",
    		realSrcAttribute: "data-src",
    		useFade: true
    	/* initialize */
    	initialize: function(options) {
    		// Set the class options
    		// Elementize items passed in
    		this.container = document.id(this.options.container);
    		this.elements = document.id(this.container == window ? document.body : this.container).getElements(this.options.elements);
    		// Set a variable for the "highest" value this has been
    		this.largestPosition = 0;
    		// Figure out which axis to check out
    		var axis = (this.options.mode == "vertical" ? "y": "x");
    		// Calculate the offset
    		var offset = (this.container != window && this.container != document.body ? this.container : "");
    		// Find elements remember and hold on to
    		this.elements = this.elements.filter(function(el) {
    			// Make opacity 0 if fadeIn should be done
    			if(this.options.useFade) el.setStyle("opacity",0);
    			// Get the image position
    			var elPos = el.getPosition(offset)[axis];
    			// If the element position is within range, load it
    			if(elPos < this.container.getSize()[axis] + this.options.range) {
    				return false;
    			return true;
    		// Create the action function that will run on each scroll until all images are loaded
    		var action = function(e) {
    			// Get the current position
    			var cpos = this.container.getScroll()[axis];
    			// If the current position is higher than the last highest
    			if(cpos > this.largestPosition) {
    				// Filter elements again
    				this.elements = this.elements.filter(function(el) {
    					// If the element is within range...
    					if((cpos + this.options.range + this.container.getSize()[axis]) >= el.getPosition(offset)[axis]) {
    						// Load the image!
    						return false;
    					return true;
    				// Update the "highest" position
    				this.largestPosition = cpos;
    			// relay the class" scroll event
    			// If there are no elements left, remove the action event and fire complete
    			if(!this.elements.length) {
    		// Add scroll listener
    	loadImage: function(image) {
    		// Set load event for fadeIn
    		if(this.options.useFade) {
    		// Set the SRC
    		// Fire the image load event

    Using LazyLoad is as simple as:


    /* do it! */
    window.addEvent("domready",function() {
    	var lazyloader = new LazyLoad();
    <!-- then in the body -->
    <!-- in-page image format -->
    <img src="/images/blank.gif" data-src="/images/102_1139.jpg" />
    <img data-src="/images/102_1139.jpg" />

    Changes to version 2.0 of LazyLoad include:

    对LazyLoad 2.0版的更改包括:

    • You may now fade images in upon load

    • Uses a customizable data- attribute to store the real image src.


    • The resetDimensions options is no longer available

    • Document size is calculated during scroll, as dynamic pages change in size frequently.

    • Class code size is much smaller.


    Lazy-loading images will never go out of style, as it saves your server bandwidth and saves your users from load images that they never scroll to.  Adding a fade effect allows for images to be gracefully placed within the page.  Let me know if you have further ideas for LazyLoad, as it should only get better!

    延迟加载图像永远不会过时,因为它可以节省服务器带宽,并使用户免于加载他们永不滚动的图像。 添加淡入淡出效果可将图像优雅地放置在页面中。 让我知道您是否对LazyLoad有更多的想法,因为它应该会变得更好!

    翻译自: https://davidwalsh.name/lazyload-plugin


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