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  • panic

    2019-07-28 11:30:02
    panic 异常指的是不应该出现问题的地方出现了问题 例如:引用空指针、数组下标越界、除数为零。 使用panic抛出异常,抛出异常后将立即停止当前函数的执行并运行所有被defer的函数,然后将panic抛向上一层,直至程序...










    1. 打印堆栈的异常调用信息和关键的业务信息,以便这些问题保留可见。
    2. 将异常转换为错误,以便调用者让程序恢复到健康状态并继续安全运行。
    func main()  {
    func startProcess() {
    	defer func() {
    		if info:= recover(); info != nil {
    func process() (result bool) {
    	a := []int{1,2,3}
    	a[6] = 4
  • Panic

    千次阅读 2009-12-26 10:22:00
    PanicFrom Forum Nokia WikiSymbian OS uses panics to halt the flow of program execution. Unlike a leave, which can be trapped, if a panic occurs in an application running on the phone, the applicat


    From Forum Nokia Wiki

    Symbian OS uses panics to halt the flow of program execution. Unlike a leave, which can be trapped, if a panic occurs in an application running on the phone, the application will be terminated. This does not make for a good user experience, and, for this reason, panics should only be used in assertion statements, to halt code when an unrecoverable error occurs. Typically, these errors are programmatic errors and should be discovered and fixed before application shipment.

    The Symbian SDK provides with a few assertion macros to verify code logic and program state. These are:

    *               ASSERT, which raises a "USER 0" panic in debug builds only

    *               __ASSERT_DEBUG and __ASSERT_ALWAYS allow you to specify what action to take if the condition fails, for debug only and for all builds respectively.

    Or alternatively, we can always make use of User::Panic() within the code. This method panics the current thread, specifying a category name and panic number.

    A few common panic codes are described below, the complete list of Symbian System Panics is located in the SDK help and online:

    Symbian OS v9.x » Symbian OS reference » System panic reference[1]»




    *               1 E32USER-CBase 63

    *               2 E32USER-CBase 69

    *               3 E32USER-CBase 71

    *               4 KERN-EXEC 3

    *               5 USER 13

    *               6 Miscellaneous panics

    *               7 Debug Panic Using Carbide C++

    *               8 Related Links

    [edit] E32USER-CBase 63

    This panic is raised when an attempt is made to pop too many items from the cleanup stack for the current trap nest level.

    HBufC* buffer = HBufC::NewL(15);
    // Cleanup stack contains only 1 item, buffer.
    // Pop 2 items from the cleanup stack -> E32USER-CBase 63 panic

    [edit] E32USER-CBase 69

    All programs have their own cleanup stack, which they must create. E32USER-CBase 69 panic is raised if the cleanup stack is not created before using it. Here’s an example:

    GLDEF_C TInt E32Main()
    // This raises E32USER-CBase 69 panic
    * buffer = HBufC::NewLC(10);
    return KErrNone;

    [edit] E32USER-CBase 71

    Anything that is pushed onto the cleanup stack inside a trap harness must be popped off before leaving the harness. E32USER-CBase 71 panic is raised when there are several nested trap harness levels, and an attempt is made to exit from one level before all the cleanup items belonging to that level have been popped off the cleanup stack. A common action that causes this panic is trapping an ‘LC’ method. Here’s an example:

    TRAPD(error, pointer = CExample::SomeFunctionLC());

    E32USER-CBase 71 panic is raised upon returning from the trap harness because SomeFunctionLC has placed pointer onto the cleanup stack, where it remains upon exiting this particular harness level. The panic can be avoided by popping the object from within the trap harness:

    TRAPD( error, pointer = CExample::SomeFunctionLC();
    ::Pop(pointer) );

    Now, if SomeFunctionLC leaves, pointer is destroyed as part of leave processing. If the function does not leave, then CleanupStack::Pop(pointer) is called, which avoids the panic.

    Note: It is not recommended to call an LC function from inside a trap harness.

    [edit] KERN-EXEC 3

    KERN-EXEC 3 means a general unhandled exception. In other words, it is quite difficult to know what causes it. In this section, some suggestions are presented. A reference to an uninitialized variable:

    CConsoleBase* console;
    // Console initialization is commented out, causing a KERN-EXEC 3 panic
    // console = Console::NewL(KTextConsoleTitle,
    //   TSize(KConsFullScreen, KConsFullScreen));

    Too large a value in a formatting string that contains a pointer to a descriptor (“%S”):

    _LIT(KUnitTxt, "units");
    * unitTxt = KUnitTxt().AllocLC();
    // The integer is too big to fit in "%d"; "%Ld" should be used instead.
    TInt64 totalSize
    = 12345678901;
    ->Printf(_L("Total size is %d %S"), totalSize, unitTxt);

    [edit] USER 13

    USER 13 panic is raised if an invalid variable list is passed to the AppendFormatList function when the format is %S or %s. In the following example, the panic is raised by _L macro, because %d contains only the first 32 bits of the 64 bit totalWeight. This causes the remaining 32 bits flow over and be considered as a pointer because of the %S formatting character.

    _LIT(KUnitTxt, "kg");
    // TInt64 type requires %Ld or %Lu as the formatting character, not %d
    TInt64 totalWeight
    = 150;
    ->Printf(_L("Total weight is %d %S"), totalWeight, &KUnitTxt);
    :   This panic is raised only in debug builds.


    [edit] Miscellaneous panics

    Panic code



    E32USER-CBase 90

    An item to be popped is not the expected item.

    Check the call to CleanupStack::Pop

    USER 0

    An assertion has not been met.

    Check the assertion.


    [edit] Debug Panic Using Carbide C++

    Open the Carbide C++ Debug Dialog.Check on the Option below.This will help to debug various panics like KERN - EXEC - 3 ,USER 130 etc very easily.Last option does work in 3rd edition so just uncheck it . :)




    2021-01-12 06:37:19
    <div><p>In following code, and cursor at // <pre><code> package main type Foo struct { ...<p>it make candidate <code>PANIC PANIC PANIC</code></p>该提问来源于开源项目:nsf/gocode</p></div>

    2020-12-29 00:24:44
    <div><p>If gocode encounters an error, it returns <code>PANIC PANIC PANIC</code> but deoplete-go includes that as a completion result. We should instead print the error and return no candidates. <p>...
  • panic during panic

    2021-01-10 01:10:40
    panic during panic [signal SIGBUS: bus error code=0x2 addr=0x1c10994 pc=0x40709e] <p>runtime stack: fatal error: unexpected signal during runtime execution stack trace unavalable <p>You ...

    2018-09-09 00:03:08
    写 go 程序的时候,突然发现自动提示时显示PANIC PANIC PANIC。起初以为是YouCompleteMe出了问题,检查了下排除这种可能。 最后网上搜索发现是gocode的问题。解决方法如下: gocode close &amp;&amp; go ...

    写 go 程序的时候,突然发现自动提示时显示PANIC PANIC PANIC。起初以为是YouCompleteMe出了问题,检查了下排除这种可能。


    gocode close && go get -u
  • panic for no panic function

    2020-12-25 18:56:33
    I tried the example in the doc but it still panic with the linker error. <p>Even this code would have a linker error <pre><code> extern crate no_panic; no_panic::no_panic; #[no_panic] fn main() { } ...

    2020-11-28 16:55:30
    <div><p>Any recommendations on where to root cause this problem. <p><img alt="screen shot 2016-08-26 at 5 20 57 pm" src=...joefitzgerald/go-plus</p></div>
  • <div><p>This will fix SOF_IPC_PANIC_STACK in dump_stack() <p>This commit will change the order of functions in panic_rewind() to fix SOF_IPC_PANIC_STACK in dump_stack(). Thats because arch_dump_regs()...
  • Kernel Panic

    2021-01-05 12:14:54
    <div><p>Since the last Update, suddenly i got a kernel panic. <p>I cant connect via SSH. Via HDMI, there only Shows the Kernel Panic message... <p>I got a clone from the SDCARD. If you want, i can ...
  • Panic Mode

    2020-12-02 01:57:24
    Using LG on CLI and enabling panic mode by !panic=1, the sentences are getting parsed. So, is there any equivalent method in for enabling the same as currently, either it is not ...
  • Panic handling

    2021-01-08 13:13:26
    There should be maybe some kind of panic error handling in handlers. For example, basic implementation would be something like: <pre><code> // OnNext applies Observer's NextHandler to an Item func...
  • kernel panic

    2020-12-08 22:38:41
    <div><p>Hi,jakea, the system reboot(kernel panic) due to a kernel data abort when I spawn a 3rd party process after the exploit successfully</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:jakeajames/time_waste</p>...
  • Kernel panic

    2020-12-02 14:06:32
    <div><p>Having kernel panic on cron reboot with 4.14.67 in PI3 Model B, i´ve downgrade to 4.14.62 and all ok.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:Hexxeh/rpi-firmware</p></div>
  • panic异常

    2021-04-08 23:21:53
    这段代码的panic的作用是什么?? 一般而言,当panic异常发生时,程序会中断运行,并立即执行在该goroutine中被延迟的函数(defer 机制)。随后,程序崩溃并输出日志信息。日志信息包括panic value和函数调用的堆栈...



    一般而言,当panic异常发生时,程序会中断运行,并立即执行在该goroutine中被延迟的函数(defer 机制)。随后,程序崩溃并输出日志信息。日志信息包括panic value和函数调用的堆栈跟踪信息。panic value通常是某种错误信息。


    • panic
    panic 这个词,在英语中具有恐慌、恐慌的等意思。从字面意思理解的话,在 Go 语言中,代表极其严重的问题,程序员最害怕出现的问题。一旦出现,就意味着程序的结束并退出。Go 语言中 panic 关键字主要用于主动抛出异常,类似 java 等语言中的 throw 关键字。

    • recover
    recover 这个词,在英语中具有恢复、复原等意思。从字面意思理解的话,在 Go 语言中,代表将程序状态从严重的错误中恢复到正常状态。Go 语言中 recover 关键字主要用于捕获异常,让程序回到正常状态,类似 java 等语言中的 try … catch 。


  • tee panic

    2020-11-23 01:05:56
    i run the helloworld to test, found tee panic <p>shell:/ # tee_helloworld <p>core data-abort at address 0x0 fsr 0x00000805 ttbr0 0x0537006a ttbr1 0x0537006a cidr 0x0 cpu #0 cpsr 0x000001f3 r0 0x...
  • panic button

    2020-12-08 19:34:26
    <div><p>is it at all possible to implement a panic button? sometimes, while under heavy usage, a key will get "stuck" on the sustain, with no way to stop it other than unloading the vst.</p><p...
  • panic botton

    2020-12-27 08:01:14
    can you make a panic botton, to stop synth when note off as no send <p>good work for radium, i work with it , very nice soft, juste need automation copy & rec and assign midi controler.. <p>bye...
  • Amass panic

    2020-11-28 19:38:06
    m getting this panic error. Any ideas? <img alt="amass error" src="" /></p>该提问来源于开源项目:caffix/amass</p></div...
  • Button Panic

    2021-01-07 02:49:57
    <div><p>Hy guys, <p>I would like to leave the Service Running Off, and when ... It would be a panic button. It's possible? <p>Best Regards.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:traccar/traccar</p></div>
  • ApplyConfiguration panic

    2020-12-25 17:12:52
    <div><h3>Out of index panic occurs when the gateway channel in loraserver is set to be greater than 8. if multiSFCounter >= channelCount { return gc, errors.New("gateway: exceeded maximum...
  • panic fix

    2020-11-27 01:10:47
    <div><p>Here the program will happen panic if the target path not found. So, it had better to add a condition to avoid that. I check the other <code>info</code> point which should be safe. <p>Signed-...
  • Dont panic

    2020-11-20 21:54:50
    <div><p>For OpenCage and Mapquest, if any error occurs in Request() this would panic and crash the program. This is a bit too drastic for production code. Changed to do what the google api version of ...
  • d like be be able to mix panic and non panic test cases, for example in <code>test-case</code> crate:</p> ...



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