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Routes是采用Python实现的Rails的URL映射控制. Routes makes it easy to create pretty and concise URL's that are RESTful with little effort. Speedy and dynamic URL generation means you get a URL with minimal cruft (no big dangling query args). Shortcut features like Named Routes cut down on repetitive typing. Current features: Named Routes Sophisticated Route lookup and URL generation Wildcard path's before and after static parts Groupings syntax to allow flexible URL's to accommodate almost any need Sub-domain support built-in Conditional matching based on domain, cookies, HTTP method (RESTful), and more Easily extensible utilizing custom condition functions and route generation functions Extensive unit tests
  • routes

    2021-01-09 11:56:56
    t know for sure if it is an issue at all - I found that there is a way to add routes to Spine.Route but there is no ability to remove them. For example if i want to do something like Spine.Stack and ...
  • Routes

    2017-05-11 17:20:22
    一、关于Routes Routes是一个Rails routes系统的python实现,用来在URLs 和 应用action之间做映射。同时,Routes可用来产生简洁明了的RestFull形式的URLs。Routes做映射时,支持基于域、cookies,HTTP 方法或是预定义...


    Routes是一个Rails routes系统的python实现,用来在URLs 和 应用action之间做映射。同时,Routes可用来产生简洁明了的RestFull形式的URLs。Routes做映射时,支持基于域、cookies,HTTP 方法或是预定义的函数的映射,同时支持子域映射。


    1. 配置使用Routes


    # Setup a mapper
    1. from routes import Mapper
    2. map = Mapper()
    3. map.connect(None, "/error/{action}/{id}", controller="error")
    4. map.connect("home", "/", controller="main", action="index")
    # Match a URL, returns a dict or None if no match
    6. result = map.match('/error/myapp/4')
    7. # result == {'controller': 'error', 'action': 'myapp', 'id': '4'}

    行3 新建了一条路由规则。根据该规则,对于URL:/error/images/arrow.jpg将产生如下结果:{“controller”: “error”, “action”: “images”, “id”: “arrow.jpg”} 。 { }用来指定里面匹配的字段是什么, : 表示的是匹配字段的格式


    对于URL “/error/images/arrow.jpg”可以匹配 行3 和行7的规则。在解析URL时,是一条一条的按定义顺序匹配的,因此,该URL使用的是行3的路由规则。

    如果某个URL没有匹配的规则,则mapper返回“match failded” conditions。

    (1)connect(*args, **kargs) : 对mapper创建一条新的路由。
    (2)match(url=None, environ=None) :Match a URL against against one of the routes contained.Will return None if no valid match is found.

    2. conditions 使用

    conditions 用于限制进行路由匹配,比如method.

    from routes import Mapper  
    map = Mapper()  
    print map  
    print type(map)  
    #4.conditions  conditions=dict(method=['GET', 'HEAD'])  
    map.connect('/user/list', controller = 'user', action = 'list', conditions={'method' : ['GET', 'HEAD']})  
    result = map.match('/user/list')  
    print result 

    POST:新建资源 GET:查询资源 PUT:更新资源 DELETE:删除资源 HEAD:验证,包括用户身份和资源的认证


    3. Requirements



    \d([0-9])、+(匹配前一个字符一次或多次)、| 正则表达式知识点。

    map.connect(r'/blog/{id}', requirements={'id':r'\d+'})  
    map.connect(r'/blog/{platfrom}/{filename}', requirements={'platform':r'windows|linux'})  


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    2020-12-02 02:56:04
    to know routes in all Virtual Routes (static, ospf,bgp,...). So, I'm trying to extract all this rules from the FIrewall configuration and I'm getting this error: - * ERROR * * Died on user ...
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    s an easy way to cache our routes. I know that laravel does this and symfony's router component has a <code>cacheDir</code> parameter too and it seems to have an impact on performance. <p>I'm ...
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    2021-01-09 13:42:17
    <div><p>Implemented routes in markdown, closes #178</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:ctran/annotate_models</p></div>



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