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    下标乱码 用safari 解决方法  在Echarts中 textStyle: { fontFamily: '"Helvetica Neue", Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif' } 在项目中同样设置字体 设置能识别的字体
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  • Safari extension

    2020-11-24 14:46:56
    <div><p>It would be great to also wrap this as a Safari extension. There are some guides on the Safari developer resource pages and it would be amazing to see this happening at some point. I would ...
  • double-clicking on it installed it on Safari (it is present in Safari Preferences and it appears in the Safari toolbar (so I deduce Safari app extensions are supported by Safari 11.1.2), but clicking...
  • <div><p>Safari Extensions can no longer be installed from outside the App Store / Safari Extensions Gallery on Safari 12.0. <p>Support for developer-signed .safariextz Safari Extensions in Safari 12 ...
  • Apple发布最快Windows平台浏览器,根据Apple所说,针对Windows平台的Safari浏览器,Apple Safari(苹果浏览器)是目前在windows平台上速度最快的浏览器,业界标准iBech测试显示,Safari浏览网页速度是IE 7的两倍,Fire...
  • safariSome of the coolest new features in the upcoming macOS 10.13 High Sierra are in Safari, and you can try them out now without upgrading your entire operating system. 即将推出的macOS 10.13 High ...


    Some of the coolest new features in the upcoming macOS 10.13 High Sierra are in Safari, and you can try them out now without upgrading your entire operating system.

    即将推出的macOS 10.13 High Sierra中的一些最酷的新功能都在Safari中,您可以立即试用它们而无需升级整个操作系统。

    During WWDC 2017, Apple bragged about faster Safari performance, showed off a new block feature for any and all autoplaying videos, and talked about blocking ads from tracking your movements. You can try these features out with Safari Technology Preview. This free download is primarily intended for web developers, who can use the tool to confirm their sites will work on upcoming versions of Safari for macOS and iOS. But it’s also a quick way to try out new features, including those upcoming in macOS High Sierra.

    在WWDC 2017期间,苹果吹嘘更快的Safari性能,展示了针对所有自动播放视频的新阻止功能,并谈到阻止广告跟踪您的活动。 您可以使用Safari Technology Preview尝试这些功能。 此免费下载主要供Web开发人员使用,他们可以使用该工具来确认其网站将在macOS和iOS的Safari即将发行的版本上运行。 但这也是尝试新功能的快速方法,包括macOS High Sierra中即将推出的功能。

    To get started, head to the Safari Technology Preview page on Apple’s website, then download the version for your current operating system.


    Mount the DMG file and you’ll find a PKG file.


    Double-click the PKG to run the installation process, following the prompts to install the software.


    When the installer is done, you’ll find Safari Technology Preview in your Applications folder. The icon looks the same as Safari’s, but is purple instead of blue, making it easy to tell the two programs apart.

    安装程序完成后,您将在Applications文件夹中找到Safari Technology Preview。 该图标看起来与Safari的图标相同,但是它是紫色而不是蓝色,从而易于区分两个程序。

    And they really are two different programs. None of your Safari settings will transfer over—no bookmarks, no history, nothing. It is, for all intents and purposes, a separate browser.

    它们实际上是两个不同的程序。 您的Safari设置都不会转移-没有书签,没有历史记录,什么也不会转移。 出于所有目的和目的,它是一个单独的浏览器。

    You really, really shouldn’t use Safari Technology Preview as your primary browser: Apple is still working out bugs. But if you just want to see the new features in the pipeline, you can.

    您确实不应该将Safari Technology Preview用作主要浏览器:Apple仍在解决错误。 但是,如果您只想查看管道中的新功能,则可以。

    For example: there’s a new “Settings for This Website” item in the menu bar, found if you click “Safari Technology Preview.” This lets you use Reader Mode by default on any website, which is a brand new feature Apple never discussed.

    例如:如果您单击“ Safari技术预览”,则会在菜单栏中找到一个新的“此网站的设置”项。 默认情况下,这使您可以在任何网站上使用阅读器模式 ,这是Apple从未讨论的全新功能。

    I tried this out, and it’s awesome. You can also enable content blockers on a per-site basis, set a custom zoom for a site, and prevent videos from auto-playing. You can review all of your settings thanks to the new “Websites” section in Safari’s preferences window.

    我尝试了一下,它很棒。 您还可以基于每个站点启用内容阻止程序,为站点设置自定义缩放比例,并阻止视频自动播放。 借助Safari偏好设置窗口中新的“网站”部分,您可以查看所有设置。

    I’m pretty excited about these features. If you’d like to try them out, without upgrading your entire operating system, I suggest you give Safari Technology Preview a spin. I think everyone should ditch Google Chrome for Safari, and these new features only add to that conclusion.

    这些功能让我感到非常兴奋。 如果您想试用它们而不升级整个操作系统,建议您尝试一下Safari Technology Preview。 我认为每个人都应该放弃Safari的Google Chrome浏览器 ,而这些新功能只会增加这一结论。

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/310789/try-out-new-safari-features-early-with-safari-technology-preview/


  • Safari 和 Opera 识别的 Hack;仅 Firefox 3 和 IE7 识别的 Hack。 1、仅 Safari 和 Opera 识别的 Hack @media all and (min-width: 0px){/* Safari and Opera rules here */} 或者 @media screen and (-webkit-...
  • <p>I did another test with a shorter url and it's ok on safari too <p>what is the limit of number of characters in an url? is it different in ...
  • safari

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    建议检查一下extension,有些safari extension会导致safari变慢

    建议检查一下extension,有些safari extension会导致safari变慢

  • safari mp4 缓冲In the early days of the web new browsers appeared every few months. History is repeating itself and the browser market has never been so active or exciting. The latest offering is ...

    safari mp4 缓冲

    Safari logo

    In the early days of the web new browsers appeared every few months. History is repeating itself and the browser market has never been so active or exciting. The latest offering is Apple’s Safari 4, which is available as a beta download for Mac and Windows. I tried the Windows version and the first impressions are very promising.

    在网络初期,每隔几个月就会出现新的浏览器。 历史在重演,浏览器市场从未如此活跃或令人兴奋。 最新的产品是Apple的Safari 4 ,可以在Mac和Windows上以Beta版下载。 我尝试了Windows版本,第一印象非常有希望。

    安装和启动 (Installation and Launch)

    The basic Safari download is a little over 25MB; certainly far larger than Firefox or Opera. However, installation is quick and easy and the browser starts almost instantly. If anything, it feels a little faster than Chrome.

    基本的Safari下载超过25MB; 当然远大于Firefox或Opera。 但是,安装简便快捷,浏览器几乎立即启动。 如果有的话,感觉比Chrome快一点。

    Safari 3 looked very much like a Mac application and I suspect it confused some Windows users. Apple have addressed the problem and Safari 4 looks like a standard XP/Vista browser. Tabs now appear in the title bar in a similar way to Google Chrome:

    Safari 3看起来非常像Mac应用程序,我怀疑它使一些Windows用户感到困惑。 苹果已经解决了这个问题,Safari 4看起来像是标准的XP / Vista浏览器。 标签页现在以类似于Google Chrome的方式显示在标题栏中:

    Safari tabs

    The tabs work well, although it is a little too easy to drag the whole window rather than an individual tab. I also miss the middle mouse clicking to close tabs, but that is a minor issue.

    这些选项卡效果很好,尽管拖动整个窗口而不是单个选项卡有点容易。 我也想念鼠标中键单击以关闭选项卡,但这是一个小问题。

    Microsoft font smoothing is used by default, although you can specify Mac-like rendering. I found them a little blurry, but I’m sure some will prefer them.

    尽管您可以指定类似Mac的呈现,但默认情况下使用Microsoft字体平滑。 我发现它们有些模糊,但是我敢肯定有些人会喜欢它们。

    新功能 (New Features)

    Apple have announced 150 new features in Safari. Many help the browser catch up with the competition, but it is great to see some new innovations.

    苹果已经在Safari中宣布了150个新功能 。 许多帮助浏览器赶上了竞争,但很高兴看到一些新的创新。

    Perhaps the most attractive feature is CoverFlow; an iTunes-like 3D carousel that shows recently viewed web pages. Those that have changed since your last visit are highlighted with a blue star. Although Mac users get CoverFlow as standard, it may be disabled in Windows if you have a low-end graphics card. Hopefully, Apple will fix that for the final release.

    也许最具吸引力的功能是CoverFlow ; 类似于iTunes的3D轮播,可显示最近浏览过的网页。 自您上次访问以来已更改的内容将以蓝色星标突出显示。 尽管Mac用户将CoverFlow作为标准配置,但如果您使用的是低端图形卡,则它可能在Windows中被禁用。 希望苹果公司将为最终版本修复该问题。

    The browser also features an integrated RSS reader. It is a little basic and not as good as the one provided in Opera, but it is superior to IE and Firefox. The ‘Article Length’ slider alters the amount of text shown for news items.

    该浏览器还具有集成的RSS阅读器。 它有点基础,不如Opera中提供的那样好,但是它优于IE和Firefox。 “文章长度”滑块可更改为新闻项目显示的文本量。

    Safari RSS

    Web标准支持和创新 (Web Standards Support and Innovation)

    Safari and the WebKit project continue to implement the latest standards and browser-specific features that may eventually be adopted by the development community. The browser now supports:

    Safari和WebKit项目继续实施最新的标准和特定于浏览器的功能,这些功能最终可能会被开发社区所采用。 浏览器现在支持:

    • HTML 5, including media and offline storage

      HTML 5,包括媒体和离线存储
    • HTML canvas and SVG 1.1

      HTML canvas和SVG 1.1
    • CSS animations, effects and web fonts

    • ACID 2 and 3 compliance

      符合ACID 2和3
    • ICC Color Profile Support

    • Plug-ins and developer extensions

    • JavaScript/ECMA version 3

      JavaScript / ECMA版本3

    Apple claim their Nitro JavaScript engine is up to 6 times faster than IE8 and 4 times faster than Firefox 3.1 beta. My own test using Webkit SunSpider showed it to be twice as fast as Firefox 3.0.6. That is fast, but not as much as I hoped.

    苹果声称他们的Nitro JavaScript引擎比IE8快6倍,比Firefox 3.1 beta快4倍。 我自己使用Webkit SunSpider进行的测试表明,它的速度是Firefox 3.0.6的两倍。 那很快,但是没有我希望的那么快。

    Safari Debug menu

    开发者工具 (Developer Tools)

    Safari’s developer tools have always been good and have improved in version 4. Anyone familiar with Firefox’s Web Developer Toolbar and Firebug extensions will feel at home.


    The Web Inspector shows a DOM tree, XPath, applied styles, element metrics, and other useful information. It is not quite as clear as Firebug, but is an essential tool for all web developers:

    Web检查器显示DOM树,XPath,应用的样式,元素指标和其他有用的信息。 它不像Firebug那样清晰,但是它是所有Web开发人员的必备工具:

    Web Inspector

    The Inspector also provides a JavaScript debugger, profiler, offline database viewer and an extremely attractive Resource viewer:


    Safari profiler

    您会使用Safari吗? (Will You Use Safari?)

    It is inevitable that Mac users will switch to Safari 4. I also suspect many more Windows users will be tempted to try the browser. It is impossible to predict adoption rates, but Safari certainly deserves to match the growth of Google Chrome.

    Mac用户不可避免地会切换到Safari4。我还怀疑还会有更多Windows用户尝试使用该浏览器。 无法预测采用率,但是Safari当然值得与Google Chrome的增长相提并论。

    Web developers will certainly need to install Safari. It provides some great tools and it is only a matter of time before the browser has a thriving extensions community.

    Web开发人员当然需要安装Safari。 它提供了一些出色的工具,并且浏览器拥有一个繁荣的扩展社区只是时间问题。

    Firefox is still my preferred browser, but Safari is catching up fast and comes a close second. What do you think of Safari 4? Will it become your default browser?

    Firefox仍然是我首选的浏览器,但是Safari的发展速度很快,紧随其后。 您如何看待Safari 4? 它将成为您的默认浏览器吗?

    翻译自: https://www.sitepoint.com/safari-4-first-look/

    safari mp4 缓冲

  • 浏览器:Safari 标签:input\ bug说明:点击文件上传后出现三个按钮分别为拍照,从相册选取,浏览。其中点击浏览后会弹出选择文件窗口从ipad本地目录选择文件,如果此时点击窗口外部导致选择文件窗口自动隐藏后,...
  • Safari 快捷键

    2019-10-28 09:39:51
    总结: 页面控制: 轻微翻页:上、下箭头 整屏翻页:[ Shift + ] Space / Option + 上、下箭头 到最顶部、最底部:CMD + 上、下箭头 Tab控制: ... 撤销关闭标签页:CMD...
  • <p>I am currently ...<p>What I want is to detect if the user isn't on Safari and redirect them to Safari, or either create a link that opens specifically in Safari only, like <code>googlechrome://...
  • macOs Big Sur的beta版本比最新版本的macOS更长,已于6月发布给开发人员。但是,这并不意味着最终版本完全...确保您正在运行最新版本如果您经常遇到Safari崩溃的问题,那么您应该做的第一件事就是确保您运行的是最新...
  • 苹果Safari浏览器Safari Technology Preview

    千次阅读 2019-06-11 13:36:31
    Safari Technology Preview for Mac是官方推出的全新苹果Safari浏览器,Safari Technology Preview mac版的logo、界面、功能等各方面都很Safari浏览器差不多,这次的新更新的Safari Technology Preview mac版包含了...
  • safari无法退出I’m a browser hopper. 我是浏览器料斗。 I use a browser for too many hours a day and sometimes I just have to change browser, just to try something new. 我每天使用浏览器的时间太多了...
  • 只要是MacOS系统的都会附带一个Safari浏览器,完美兼容Mac、PC 及 iPod touch、iPhone、iPad,功能和性能自然是不错的,但是也会出现如safari浏览器无法打开网页的情况,那么safari无法打开网页是什么原因?...
  • ​前言现在的 IOS safari 浏览器是支持一定的 js 脚本的,最好用的莫过于翻译脚本了,pc 上相信大家使用得多的大都是 chrome,edge 等等,但是由于 IOS 的特殊性,很多时候我们需要使用到 safari 浏览器,所以今天就...
  • safari长按弹出菜单For web developers on Mac OS X, there is a wonderful and powerful hidden tool in Safari that in part functions like the Firefox extension Web Developer. Though it does not have quite...
  • 完善的Safari GitHub 浏览器扩展,可简化GitHub界面并添加有用的功能 这是精致GitHub的Safari版本。
  • Mac safari 卡死

    千次阅读 2020-04-26 17:48:46
    刚入手公司的Mac 结果 safari 卡死了,无法使用,网上找了许多,外加研究,可采用如下方法解决: 解决方法 1.在程序坞中移除safari ; 2.启动Safari,再强制退出safari(command+option+esc); 3.先按住shift ,再...
  • mobile safariSafari is fast and optimized for mobile devices. That’s usually a good ... But there are still a few websites that refuse to adapt to mobile Safari or provide an inferior experience on...
  • safari 中文乱码

    2020-07-15 11:17:28
  • safari下载文件By default, when you download something using Safari, it gets saved in your Mac’s mainDownloads folder. If you’d rather save your files somewhere else, you can change the default save ...
  • safari扩展安装While there have been hacks to include extensions in Safari for some time now, Safari 5 now offers proper support for them. Today we take a look at managing extensions in the latest ...
  • 1 使用Safari浏览器调试 1.1 打开Mac的 Safari 浏览器的“开发”菜单 运行 Safari 浏览器,然后依次选取“Safari 浏览器”>“偏好设置”,点按“高级”面板,然后勾选“在菜单栏中显示开发菜单”。 1.2 开启...
  • <p>All works perfectly with Chrome or FireFox but on Safari the post request return code 400 <p>Which could be the problem? <p>Here is the code of the Vue component: <pre><code>persist(file){ ...
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