• solo

    2018-10-26 09:16:00
    solo solo- 必应词典 美['soʊloʊ]英['səʊləʊ] n.【乐】独奏(曲);独唱(曲);单人舞;单独表演 adj.独唱[奏]的;单独的;单人的 v.独奏;放单飞 adv.独 网络梭罗;...


    • n.【乐】独奏(曲);独唱(曲);单人舞;单独表演
    • adj.独唱[奏]的;单独的;单人的
    • v.独奏;放单飞
    • adv.独
    • 网络梭罗;独奏曲;索罗
    • 变形复数:solos;过去分词:soloed;现在分词:soloing;

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  • SOLO

    2020-06-24 21:22:11
    SOLO category branch 和YOLO方法类似,划分cell,然后进行分类。 因为FCN的输出是WxH(不考虑channel),需要让它变化为S*S,就要进行下采样和插值。文中说明三种插值方式结果相差不多。 1、直接双线性差值 2、...





    category branch


    2、adpative pooling


    adpative pooling:就是自适应的pooling,通过计算stride和padding来下采样。

    mask branch




  • <div><p>The solokey was working fine. I was playing to build and update the firmware using the ...solo.exceptions.NoSoloFoundError: no Solo found 该提问来源于开源项目:solokeys/solo</p></div>
  • Solo Key not detected

    2020-11-29 03:46:19
    t update my Solo Key with "solo-python". It seems not to be detected (pluigged in and flashing green). The command "solo ls" results in ":: Solos", "solo key verify" ...
  • m trying to get knife-solo to cook against. <p>I think I followed the steps on this page ...
  • solo key verify error

    2020-11-28 15:14:07
    patrick-HP-ZBook-15u-G5:~/git/solo$ solo program bootloader ~/Downloads/firmware-3.1.1.hex Not using FIDO2 interface. erasing firmware... updated firmware 100% time: 7.43 s patrick-HP-ZBook-15u-G5:~/...
  • Udev rule for Solo

    2020-11-28 17:12:38
    <div><p>I had to add the following udev rule to get the Solo key to be recognized on Linux: <p><code>/etc/udev/rules.d/70-solo_key.rules</code>: <pre><code> # Solo KERNEL=="hidraw*", ...
  • d continue to use for the locked down regular consumer Solo. <p>It seems to be a bit more involved than just adding some more defines to <code>lib/usbd/usbd_desc.c</code> as I managed to brick a key ...
  • <div><p>I have 2 solo keys, 1 secure and 1 hacker. <p>I just updated to firmware version 4.0.0 but I noticed that this process still leaves me with the old bootloader. Here are some outputs from the ...
  • <p>Starting with Chef 12.11.x chef_solo provisioner essentially runs in chef_zero mode. To enable the previous behaviour, one needs to pass --legacy-mode argument to the chef-solo command. This ...
  • <p>I have faced some issues during patching my cookbook-set by knife-solo. It prevents to very strange errors with community cookbooks. But the same set of cookbooks is working if we will use it ...
  • <div><ul><li>Fix for #9125</li><li>Previous handshake was based on flaky parsing of status text messages to determine if you were connected to a Solo</li><li>Now works based on selecting 3DR Solo as ...
  • <div><p>My Solo does not work with any website and <code>solo key verify</code>gives an <code>InvalidSignature</code> error (<a href="https://gist.github.com/Mirclus/eed99ef1a1c206b11da3daef9f0f763e">...
  • then selected another to solo .. seems to mute the other initially soloed oscillator .. effectively mutiple solo does not ADD the multiple soloed channels .. but only allows one soloed at a time.. ...
  • Chef solo repo organization

    2020-11-30 12:09:33
    d like to organize my chef solo repo (kitchen) folders like as example below: <pre><code> node1 ... nodes -> ../nodes (symlink to parent folder) roles -> ../roles ... node2 ... nodes ->...
  • blink in Layer solo

    2020-11-29 22:02:03
    layer solo' mode, is it possible to stop the blinking mode when switching between layers? (I think in 'layer solo', this blink is useless anyway) I guess it would require an additional ...
  • nomp and solo mining

    2020-11-22 09:46:06
    <div><p>is it possible to use nomp with a miner that only support stratum protocol to solo mine? <p>I have nomp up and runniing fine with Mpos for a few dozen coins, but have one wallet than I ...
  • <p><strong>Idea</strong>: Update the copy of the Solo Updates prompt from: <p>Quick updates only, please. <p>to: <p>Quick updates, please. Add agenda items for discussion/next steps. <p>Users can ...
  • Knife solo on a windows node

    2020-11-22 09:56:48
    Iam trying to run knife solo against a windows node running cygwin sshd daemon. I can ssh to the node using a key. I followed the steps to setup/prepare the node as described in the instructions but ...
  • ve started working with solo and I've managed to get a segmentation fault. I'm using most of the options that I usually use for STAR with bulk RNA-seq so it's very possible that the error ...
  • java solo xdjava solo xd

    2019-04-06 01:21:56
    NULL 博文链接:https://soloxd-163-com.iteye.com/blog/1549537
  • <div><p>When I run <code>knife solo cook ubuntu</code> in Windows, I works fine once every two or three times. But sometimes I get the following error: <pre><code> Uploading the kitchen... ERROR: ...
  • SoloBlog , 该作者是在 Forest博客系统基础上进行修改的。 SoloBlog 使用的是 Spring+SpringMvc + Mybatis + Layui 打造的一个个人博客模板。 花了十天的时间把整个项目的代码都敲了一遍,熟悉了整个项目,修改了...
  • B3LOG Solo 是一个专业、简约、稳定、极速的开源 Java 博客系统。 java开源博客 -- B3LOG Solo 从 0.4.1 开始,正式同时支持 GAE 平台与常规 Servlet 容器。 B3LOG Solo特性 基于标签的文章分类 同步发布文章...
  • Solo Remastered wiki pages

    2020-12-01 14:51:21
    These pages are for upgrading the 3DR Solo to ArduCopter 3.5 with a Pixhawk 2.1. There is a landing page, instructions using Solex, and instructions using Mission Planner and WinSCP. There are a ...
  • Vagrant 1.3.1 and chef-solo 11.6 now supports passing environment and environments_path to read in all attributes for a specific environment, and run the chef-solo provisioner as dev environment for ...
  • Knife-Solo is too slow

    2020-11-30 12:33:33
    deleting site-cookbooks/chef_solo_patches/libraries/search_patch.rb deleting site-cookbooks/chef_solo_patches/libraries/parser.rb deleting site-cookbooks/chef_solo_patches/libraries/ deleting site-...


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