• <p>I am working with facebook login in ...<p>here is base url in Component/HybridauthComponent.php</p> <pre><code>"base_url" => www.mysite.com/social_endpoint?hauth.done", </code></pre> </div>
  • php无法访问

    2013-06-16 13:13:08
    我自己搭建了一个blog,然后apache和php都搭建好了,但是无法访问。 然后我换了个端口,如8080,并改了iptables,http://***:8080/blog是可以访问的。 但是换成80,和8080的配置一模一样的,防火墙啥的我全都看了...
  • <a href="http://www.cyberbytesdesign.com/s/ama/contact.php" rel="nofollow">http://www.cyberbytesdesign.com/s/ama/contact.php</a> <p>Here's the JavaScript being used: <pre><code>$(function() { // ...
  • PHP无法访问网址

    2016-05-04 13:53:59
    <pre><code>php -r "echo file_get_contents('http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/');" -d allow_url_fopen=1 </code></pre> <p>If I tun it trough the local network I get the warning: <pre><code>PHP ...
  • 无法访问PHP变量

    2015-10-03 02:45:27
    <p>I am struggling/trying since last 24 hours with a simple thing, which i am not able to understand why i am not able to access the PHP variable. I know am doing something wrong and i have no idea ...
  • PHP无法访问Ajax数据

    2017-08-09 15:31:24
    I need to get the text from the input field and pass into the php variable. I use ajax, callback function responds to me but php doesn't get the data. Here is occurring such an error - Notice: ...
  • 无法访问php文件nginx

    2018-02-17 12:16:29
    I have project based on angular js which have a index.html, and on a certain event i perform a angular http request to x.php file and fetches the response from it. Its running perfect on my local ...
  • <p>The problem now is that I've no permission to the php.ini file so I can't use fopen becease that is not allow on by mine hosting.</p> <p>is there an alternative? <p>Martijn <pre><code>$myfile = ...
  • PHP MVC无法访问控制器

    2015-10-24 22:26:45
    <p>I have this simple PHP code where I have created a new model with a celebrity name, a controller that accesses the celebrity name from the model, and a view to display the name. For some reason ...
  • It's the first time I'm using PHPMailer, and when I try to attach a file, it only works with files that are at the same path as the php. I know that the JavaScript can't get the path of the file, but ...
  • PHP无法访问的语句

    2015-11-30 03:55:11
    I do not believe this is a so-called 'replica' question because I have failed to find another SO question addressing the same issue in PHP as of yet. If anybody has any suggestions about my code, in ...
  • <p>I developed a php MVC framework from scratch and my index.php cannot access some files when I change the permissions. I use fillezilla and the only file permissions I can set are read, write and ...
  • <p>I have a combined HTML+PHP+JS Page, <p><a href=...
  • <p>I'm having problems using the PHP GLOBALS array in a Joomla website. When the form is submitted, the function form_submit is called where the form information is checked for validity. For some ...
  • <p>I am having difficulty getting my PHP code to reference my database and display certain information within it. The error I am getting is "Unable to access database." I have poured over this code ...
  • <p>in my application i get returned an array of objects and i am trying to access to access the object inside the array like this $array[0]->name</code> but it doesn't work for some reason , ...
  • 无法使用Ajax访问php

    2013-06-22 08:50:39
    <p>I've got the Problem that I can't reach my php file with my $.ajax() call. I always get a jqXHR.status of 0. This is my code: <p><strong><em>function with $.ajax() call:</em></strong> <pre><code>...
  • <p>I am new to Ubuntu and I want to use mongodb. I have installed mongodb using the command <pre><code>sudo pecl install mongodb ...<p>I also added <code>extension=mongodb.so</code> in <code>...
  • php $redis=new Redis(); $redis->connect('',6379); echo "successful"; //查看服务是否连接 echo "runiing" .$redis->ping(); ?> 执行脚本,输出结果为: Connection to serve...




    $redis=new Redis();


    echo "successful";  //查看服务是否连接

    echo "runiing" .$redis->ping();




    Connection to server sucessfully

    Server is running: PONG



    但是有时候发现只能输出:Connection to server sucessfully


    1.首先是 linux 的 selinux没关闭照成的

    直接 setenfore 0 将selinux临时关闭,然后打开/etc/selinux/config  将 SELINUX=enforcing  修改成 SELINUX=disabled    



    脚本中加入 $redis->auth('123456');   后测试 


    $redis=new Redis();


    echo "successful";  //查看服务是否连接


    echo "runiing" .$redis->ping();




    注意:出现这种问题可以查看apache 的错误日志,可以找到一部分信息

    cd  /var/log/httpd

    tail -100 error_log  



  • 继续一个错误及分析:本来正常的网站,突然发现wordPress提示:Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for自己写了段php连mysql的,出现如下错误:Fatal error: Call to ...



    本来正常的网站,突然发现wordPress提示:Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for

    自己写了段php连mysql的,出现如下错误:Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()





  • on line 19, referer: <a href="http://localhost/view/dauerreservierung.php" rel="nofollow noreferrer">http://localhost/view/dauerreservierung.php</a> ` <p>I don't really understand what the problem...
  • <p>This is a PHP newbie question: <p>I want to give my class access to my database credentials in an include file: ../config.inc <pre><code><?php $db_info['host']='localhost'; // and so forth ...
  • ...<p>The 'problem' now is that clients are able to navigate to www.page.de/foo.php and see this content. Is there a PHP-way to solve this without playing on .htaccess?</p> </div>
  • SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) (View: C:\wamp\www\xzy.tld\app\views\layout.blade.php) (View: C:\wamp\www\xyz.tld\app\views\layout.blade.php) ...
  • <p>permissions: phpinfo.php 644, index.php 600 , hello.php 600 [can access] <pre><code> </code></pre> [can't access] <pre><code>...
  • <pre><code>PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'could not find driver' in /home/user/lappstack-5.4.34-0/apache2/htdocs/ProjectName/workers/worker.php:54 </code></pre> <p>...
  • <p>Now to the problem: I have a second file lets say index.php in there I access the user class in the following way: <pre><code>$user = new User(); $user->set_uuid(some_uuid); $user->get_all()...
  • 首先说明,远程服务器是可远程访问的,经过一番折腾最后想到了SELINUX的问题,对比了下AB两台机器,果然设置不一样!估计就是它的问题
  • PHP无法用下标访问

    2019-10-07 06:33:25
    php数组分为普通数组和关联数组,普通数组可以用下标访问,而关联数组不可以。 转载于:https://www.cnblogs.com/heixingxing/p/9851988.html



  • php if(isset($_POST['submit'])) { if($_POST['username'] != "" && $_POST['password'] != "") { $_SESSION["user"] = new User(); $_SESSION["user"]->login($_POST['username'], $_POST['password...


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