• iTunes

    2015-10-19 10:15:00
    我们的电脑都要下载比较好的显卡那项 https://support.apple.com/zh_CN/downloads/itunes



  • <p>I created a small itunes test library with some test playlists and copied the iTunes folder on my raspberrypi. The itunes xml file override option is activated in the config. <p>Now to my question:...
  • itunes feed ändern

    2020-12-01 19:42:45
    <p>ich habe folgendes Problem und bekomme es nicht alleine gelöst: Ich bekomme den Podcastfeed bei itunes nicht aktualisiert. Ich weiß einfach nicht wie. Vielleicht könnt ihr mir bei dem Problem ...
  • Then proceed to either a) use manual.py to tag and move the MP4 file, and iTunes resucks it in just fine, or b) use manual.py -nm to tag in in place, then in iTunes right-click and get info, and ...
  • m losing sales or whether these are just different examples of the user cancelling the purchase or not entering a valid iTunes password. <pre><code> { code: 'ENSURLERRORDOMAIN-999', userInfo:...
  • 一款完全免费的itunes卸载小工具,能够帮助用户快速卸载清理itunes软件,能够将itunes组件彻底清理干净,使用比较简单,直接解决在使用时出现弹窗提示“您安装的iTunes有问题,请卸载重新安装”或者提示某个组件被...
  • <div><p>I enabled SSL for every itunes connection in Charles (there is no option to enable all) and when I open iTunes I get this message: <p>The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be ...
  • <div><p>Having an iTunes library on O3X dataset results in some log messages of: <pre><code> 01.10.15 22:09:51,376 iTunes[2827]: Possible unresolved transaction race -116/(iTunes/iTunes Music/Music/B....
  • <div><p>When using iTunes and having the pw protection enabled itunes just responds with "the airplay receiver is not compatible" or something like that. <p>I captured the stream in wireshark ...
  • It can well be an iTunes issue but we found that other URLs work also with iTunes. To be fair, we were able to play the Azura m3u with VLC for example. So in general it seems to be ok but we have to ...
  • <p>The issue is that I have the latest iTunes installed, and the iTunes cleaning entries are present in the official, auto-downloaded winapp2.ini. However, even after restarting the latest v...
  • iTunes v12.1.1.4 苹果官方版最新改动: 苹果今日还同步推出了全新改版的iTunes 12.0.1。本次更新面向Mavericks及以上版本,感兴趣的网友已可前往Mac App Store进行下载。iTunes 12采用了优雅的界面和半透明的设计...
  • <div><p><code>itunes_categories</code> no longer includes the contents of the text nodes inside of <code><itunes:category></code> elements when using the Nokogiri handler. <p><code>itunes_...
  • iTunes12.5

    2019-04-29 16:35:19
  • Use only iTunes library file

    2020-11-24 19:39:27
    <div><p>Is there a way to use only iTunes library file as library info source for forked-daapd? When I pointed it in config on whole directory all other files (ringtones, etc) were also added to the ...
  • <p>The iTunes lookup api returns empty list. If I try to add country code in url then it works. My bundle Id is good. <p>Doesn't work : https://itunes.apple.com/lookup?bundleId=xxxxx works : ...
  • Itunes的下载速度似乎一直很慢,那么就有些难为喜欢使用官方软件下载相关工具或者产品的用户了,如果你是官方软件下载的忠实拥护者,而又厌倦了速度的缓慢,是应该为你找一个提速工具了,它就是:iTunes下载提速软件...
  • iTunes Setup

    2018-11-12 13:24:02
    iTunes is the best way to organize and enjoy the music, movies, and TV shows you already have — and shop for the ones you want. Enjoy all the entertainment iTunes has to offer on your Mac and PC.
  • 狸窝苹果(iTunes)助手是一款用来在iPod、iPhone、iPad、iTunes以及个人电脑相互之间传输和复制音视频的文件传输工具。它可以快速而准确地将iPod、iPad和iPhone上的文件传输到iTunes,并且保存到电脑上的任意位置。...
  • 楼月免费iTunes备份管理器可以将苹果手机或ipad平板电脑上的文件备份,并可以将备份下来的任意文件或文件夹导出到电脑中进行处理。 楼月免费iTunes备份管理器基本简介 我们可以使用iTunes软件将苹果手机或iPad...
  • <div><p>When I run sabToSickBeardwithConverter.py with the default settings, it imports a TV show as an mp4 file into iTunes (using add to iTunes automatically), but iTunes only recognizes it a Music ...
  • iTunes7.5Setup.exe

    2019-09-13 17:31:27
    新版iTunes已经完全不支持我iPhoneOS1.0的远古iPhone2g(一代) 于是出院子花了一整天的时间在某站找到了上古版本iTunes7.5 完美兼容iPhoneOS1.0(1A543a)的初代iPhone 并支持从1.0升级到1.1.4 p.s. 如果你有1.0...
  • <p>Could it be possible to implement a patch in Retroactive to make the macOS-version of iTunes use of TLS 1.2/1.3 to reenable the download-capability of Apps ? Maybe one could reverse-...
  • <div><p>I would love the option to download the artwork and/or show artwork from the iTunes store instead / as well as The TVDB. I will look in to writing a patch for this. <p>For reference see ...
  • <p>The now content of iTunes App Store (PRO) is a little different with what on oneskyapp. Screenshots: ![image](https://i.imgur.com/xSMfr3N.png) ![image](https://i.imgur.com/VQx93hn.png) <p>The ...
  • 注:在开始卸载iTunes组件前,程序会自动关闭iTunes以及第三方iOS管理工具,请您先保存数据以免数据丢失。在使用iTunes时,如果遇到无法解决的问题时,就需要卸载它来重新安装,有的时候如果没有彻底卸载,会导致...
  • iTunes64Setup.exe

    2020-05-03 15:28:51
    iTunes 64位 V12.6.2版本,iTunes是苹果官方的应用工具,但是必须使用12.6.5以下的版本,因为12.6.5以上的版本均取消了Apple Store,我们无法直接通过iTunes下载iOS应用。
  • itunes卸载工具Completely uninstalling iTunes from your computer is one huge hassle. If you happened to download the version with the iPhone update it’s even more so. The program likes to claw itself ...


    Completely uninstalling iTunes from your computer is one huge hassle. If you happened to download the version with the iPhone update it’s even more so. The program likes to claw itself deep into your system. The following is a series of screen shots demonstrating the hassle. This is removal of iTunes 7.3 from an XP machine.

    从计算机上完全卸载iTunes是一个巨大的麻烦。 如果您偶然通过iPhone更新下载该版本,那就更是如此。 该程序喜欢将自己深入到您的系统中。 以下是展示麻烦的一系列屏幕截图。 这是从XP计算机中删除iTunes 7.3。

    OK, here we go… Remove…


    First RMV

    Well, I did navigate my way to the Control Panel to remove it…


    2 RMV

    tick tock… tick tock…


    3 RMV

    Oh yes, the wonderful restart.


    4 RMV

    Uh Oh … forgot about QuickTime. Here is a great free alternative!

    呃……忘记了QuickTime。 这是一个很棒的免费替代品

    8 RMV

    Windows again busy saving me from myself. Thanks Pal!

    Windows再次忙于拯救我自己。 谢谢朋友!


    waiting …. waiting …. is this almost done?

    等待中…… 等待中…… 这差不多完成了吗?

    14 RMV

    No sir! We still need to get rid of Apple Software Update.

    不,先生! 我们仍然需要摆脱Apple软件更新。

    7 RMV

    Is this for real!?!?


    11 RMV

    OK… keep on keep’n on


    12 RMV

    Make no mistake … Apple is not going to do a clean uninstall … so go into your C:program files to remove this folder.


    15 RMV

    OK…. We are done right? HA! You think it was that easy didn’t you. Upon checking system processes what do I see but the iPhone process running. Yes still running after uninstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and Apple Software Update.

    好…。 我们做对了吗? 哈! 您认为这很容易,不是吗。 检查系统进程后,我看到什么,但iPhone进程正在运行。 卸载iTunes,QuickTime和Apple软件更新后,“ Yes”仍在运行。

    apple mobile device after uninstall

    And so we start again.


    5 RMV

    At this point I am so frustrated and pissed off I cannot do anything but LMAO!


    9 RMV

    There is goes….


    10 RMV

    Done correct? No you’re not if you want to do a complete uninstall. However, to document anymore screen shots is ludicrous. However I will tell you that I think I deleted about 7 more folders left behind which included cache files. Also, I removed about 30 registry settings! And you think Norton is a pig….

    做对了吗? 不,如果您要完全卸载,则不是。 但是,要记录下来的屏幕截图太可笑了。 但是,我会告诉您,我想我还删除了大约7个剩余文件夹,其中包括缓存文件。 另外,我删除了大约30个注册表设置! 而且您认为诺顿是头猪。

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/79782/itunes-uninstall-hassle/




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