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  • Unity 值得看的500+ 技术内容列表

    Unity3D是由Unity Technologies开发的一个让玩家轻松创建诸如三维视频游戏、建筑可视化、实时三维动画等类型互动内容的多平台的综合型游戏开发工具,是一个全面整合的专业游戏引擎。


XboxOne: The default update granularity used by XDK’s makepkg tool has changed to File granularity rather than Chunk granularity. There is now a setting to control this:
XboxOne:使用XDK’s makepkg 工具的默认粒度修改为文件粒度而不是块粒度。现在有一个设置用来控制:
Player Settings > Xbox One > Microsoft Xbox One Package Settings > Update Granularity. This
Player Settings > Xbox One > Microsoft Xbox One Package Settings > Update Granularity.
property is set to File by default. Chunk is recommended only for games that have already been
released using the Chunk granularity, which was the default prior to this build.

Editor: Added Android 5.0 and 5.1 to “Minimum API Level” list.
编辑器:添加安卓5.0和5.1到“Minimum API Level”列表。
GI: Don’t add lights to Enlighten at runtime if they don’t contribute to GI (bounce intensity at 0).
GI: Made pig assert message human readable.
iOS: Enabled thumb instruction support for IL2CPP ARMv7 slice. Should improve ARMv7 slice code size by 10-20%.
iOS/IL2CPP: Avoid generating NullReference checks on value types.
iOS/IL2CPP: Improve performance of finally blocks.
iOS/Metal: Better support for native rendering plugins when using Metal.
Mecanim: Fix direct blendtree editor slow down when there is too much motion.
Physics 2D: Added ‘AreaEffector2D.useGlobalAngle’ to allow the selection of whether the force-angle is global or local.
Physics 2D:添加’AreaEffector2D.useGlobalAngle’来允许是否选择使用的力度是全局还是本地的。
Physics 2D: Added ‘Effector2D.useColliderMask’ to allow the selection of whether the effector collider mask is used or the global collision matrix.
Physics 2D:添加’Effector2D.useColliderMask’来允许选择使用的effector碰撞蒙版使用全局的碰撞矩阵。
Physics 2D: Added ‘Rigidbody2D.IsTouching’ and ‘Rigidbody2D.IsTouchingLayers’ to complement the same on ‘Collider2D’ and ‘Physics2D’.
Physics 2D:添加 ‘Rigidbody2D.IsTouching’ 和 ‘Rigidbody2D.IsTouchingLayers’ 来使’Collider2D’和’Physics2D’更相近。
Physics 2D: Renamed ‘AreaEffector2D.forceDirection’ to ‘AreaEffector2D.forceAngle’ (sciprts are automaticallly updated).
Physics 2D:修改 ‘AreaEffector2D.forceDirection’为 ‘AreaEffector2D.forceAngle’ (脚本自动更新).
Physics: Report detailed error when generating collision meshes, also during asset import.
Simplifies troubleshooting creation of non-triangle collision meshes.
Substance: New Substance features introduced by Substance Designer 5.0 are now supported.
Substance:被Substance Designer 5.0引进的新的Substance现在被支持了。
Terrain: TerrainData.alphamapTextures is now public.
Terrain: TerrainData.alphamapTextures是共有的了。
Windows Standalone: Hint to AMD driver that discrete GPU should be used, rather than integrated GPU.
Windows Standalone:暗示,AMD的驱动程序,应该使用离散GPU,而不是集成的GPU。
XboxOne: Lightmap files are now listed in the package manifest in the same chunk as the scene that uses them.
XboxOne: Unity is now built with the April 2015 XDK. You will need to install the April 2015 XDK on your PC and use the same or later recovery on your console.
XboxOne:Unity现在使用April 2015XDK编译。你需要安装Apil2015XDK到你的电脑上并且在你的控制台上使用相同的或更新的。
XboxOne: Updated docs to reflect terminology and tools in latest XDK, and added a section on Packaging.
XboxOne: Worker threads created by Unity’s core systems (Physics, AI) will no longer run on cores 0 and 1, which are reserved for the Rendering thread and Unity’s main thread respectively. This will be a performance gain in most cases by avoiding thread context switches.
XboxOne:被Unity’s 核心系统(Physics,AI)创建的工作线程不在暂用核心的 0和1,它们分别被预留为渲染线程或主线程。在大多数情况下,这将是一个性能增益,避免线程上下文切换。

Android: Added support for real 16bit DisplayBuffer. It can only be enabled in PlayerSettings, Handheld.use32BitDisplayBuffer is deprecated.
安卓:添加支持真 16位DisplayBuffer。它只能在PlayerSettings中开启Handheld.use32BitDisplayBuffer不再推荐。
Scripting: GizmoType enum has changed (and is updated by automatic script updater).
Scripting:GizmoType 枚举被修改(并通过脚本自动更新更新)。
NotSelected -> NotInSelectionHierarchy. SelectedOrChild -> InSelectionHierarchy. New member NonSelected added.
NotSelected -> NotInSelectionHierarchy. SelectedOrChild -> InSelectionHierarchy. 新的NonSelected成员被添加。
XboxOne: Unity is now built with the March 2015 XDK. You will need to install the March 2015 XDK onto your development PC and use the same or later recovery
XboxOne:Unity现在使用March2015XDK编辑,你需要安装March 2015 XDK或更新的版本到你的开发机上