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Colorization and Color Transfer(图像上色和颜色迁移)

Semantic Colorization with Internet Images, Chia et al. SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011
Color Harmonization, Cohen-Or, Sorkine, Gal, Leyvand, and Xu. Web Page
Computing the alpha-Channel with Probabilistic Segmentation for Image Colorization, Dalmau-Cedeno, Rivera, and Mayorga
Bayesian Color Constancy Revisited, Gehler, Rother, Blake, Minka, and Sharp
Color2Gray: Salience-Preserving Color Removal, Gooch, Olsen, Tumblin, and Gooch
Color Conceptualization, Hou and Zhang
Light Mixture Estimation for Spatially Varying White Balance, Hsu, Mertens, Paris, Avidan, and Durand. Web Page
Bayesian Correction of Image Intensity with Spatial Consideration, Jia, Sun, Tang, and Shum
Robust Color-to-gray via Nonlinear Global Mapping, Kim, Jang, Demouth, and Lee. SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Web Page
Variational Models for Image Colorization via Chromaticity and Brightness Decomposition, Kang and March
Colorization using Optimization, Levin, Lischinski, and Weiss
Intrinsic Colorization, Liu et al. SIGGRAPH ASIA 2008 Web Page
N-Dimensional Probability Density Function Transfer and Its Application to Colour Transfer, Pitie et al.
Automated Colour Grading using Colour Distribution Transfer, Pitie et al.
Color by Linear Neighborhood Embedding, Qiu and Guan
Manga Colorization, Qu, Wong, and Heng
Color Transfer between Images, Reinhard, Ashikhmin, Gooch, and Shirley
Local Color Transfer via Probabilistic Segmentation by Expectation-Maximization, Tai, Jia, and Tang
Data-Driven Image Color Theme Enhancement, Wang, Yu, Wong, Chen, and Xu. SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 Web Page
Color Transfer in Correlated Color Space, Xiao and Ma
Fast Image and Video Colorization using Chrominance Blending, Yatziv and Sapiro

Texture Synthesis and Inpainting(纹理和成和修复)

Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing, Avidan and Shamir. Wikipedia
Synthesizing Natural Textures, Ashikhmin
PatchMatch: A Randomized Correspondence Algorithm for Structural Image Editing, Barnes, Shechtman, Finkelstein, and Goldman. SIGGRAPH 2009. Web Page
Image Inpainting, Bertalmio, Sapiro, Caselles, and Ballester
Video Watercolorization using Bidirectional Texture Advection, Bousseau, Neyret, Thollot, and Salesin
Camouflage Images, Chu et al. SIGGRAPH 2010 Web Page
Object Removal by Exemplar-Based Inpainting, Criminisi, Perez, and Toyama
Weiming DONG's web page contains useful information about texture synthesis and image resizing
Image Quilting for Texture Synthesis and Transfer, Efros and Freeman
Texture Synthesis by Non-parametric Sampling, Efros and Leung
RotoTexture: Automated Tools for Texturing Raw Video, Fang and Hart
Textureshop: Texture Synthesis as a Photograph Editing Tool, Fang and Hart
Multiscale Texture Synthesis, Han, Risser, Ramamoorthi, and Grinspun
Scene Completion Using Millions of Photographs, Hays and Efros
Image Analogies, Hertzmann, Jacobs, Oliver, Curless, and Salesin
Graphcut Textures: Image and Video Synthesis Using Graph Cuts, Kwatra , Schodl , Essa , Turk, and Bobick
Improved Seam Carving for Video Retargeting, Rubinstein, Shamir, and Avidan. Video
Multi-operator Media Retargeting, Rubinstein, Shamir, and Avidan. SIGGRAPH 2009. Web Page
Fields of Experts: A Framework for Learning Image Priors, Roth and Black
Curvature Regularity for Region-based Image Segmentation and Inpainting: A Linear Programming Relaxation, Schoenemann, Kahl, and Cremers. ICCV 2009.
Fast Texture Synthesis using Tree-structured Vector Quantization, Wei and Levoy
Non-homogeneous Content-driven Video-retargeting, Wolf, Guttmann, and Cohen-Or
Feature Matching and Deformation for Texture Synthesis, Wu and Yu

HDR and Tone Mapping(高动态范围成像和色调映射)

Do HDR Displays Support LDR Content? A Psychophysical Evaluation, Akyu"z, Reinhard, Fleming, Riecke, Bu"lthoff
Two-scale Tone Management for Photographic Look, Bae, Paris, and Durand
Real-time Edge-Aware Image Processing with the Bilateral Grid, Chen, Paris, Durand
Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs, Debevec and Malik
Fast Bilateral Filtering for the Display of High-Dynamic-Range Images, Durand and Dorsey
Edge-Preserving Decompositions for Multi-Scale Tone and Detail Manipulation, Farbman, Fattal, Lischinski, and Szeliski. SIGGRAPH 2009. Web Page
Optimal HDR reconstruction with linear digital cameras, Granados et al., CVPR 2010.
Gradient Domain High Dynamic Range Compression, Fattal, Lischinski, and Werman
Modeling Human Color Perception under Extended Luminance Levels, Kim, Weyrich, and Kautz. SIGGRAPH 2009. Web Page
Perceptually Based Tone Mapping for Low-Light Conditions, Kirk and O'Brien. SIGGRAPH 2011. Web Page
Compressing and Companding High Dynamic Range Images with Subband Architectures, Li, Sharan, and Adelson
Radiometric Calibration Using a Single Image Lin, Gu, Yamazaki, and Shum
Determining the Radiometric Response Function from a Single Grayscale Image, Lin and Zhang
Interactive Local Adjustment of Tonal Values, Lischinski, Farbman, Uyttendaele, and Szeliski. Web Page
Exposure Fusion, Mertens, Kautz, Van Reeth
Radiometric Self Calibration, Mitsunaga and Nayar
Photographic Tone Reproduction for Digital Images, Reinhard, Stark, Shirley and Ferwerda
Ldr2Hdr: On-the-Fly Reverse Tone Mapping of Legacy Video and Photographs, Rempel, Trentacoste, Seetzen, Young, Heidrich, Whitehead, and Ward
High Dynamic Range Image Hallucination, Wang, Wei, Zhou, Guo, and Shum
Fast, Robust Image Registration for Compositing High Dynamic Range Photographs from Hand-Held Exposures, Ward

Intrinsic Images(本征图像)

Removing Photography Artifacts using Gradient Projection and Flash-Exposure Sampling, Agrawal, Raskar, Nayar, and Li
User-Assisted Intrinsic Images, Bousseau, Paris, and Durand. SIGGRAPH Asia 2009. Web Page
Flash Photography Enhancement via Intrinsic Relighting, Eisemann and Durand
Bayesian Model of Surface Perception, Freeman and Viola
Detecting Illumination in Images, Finlayson, Fredembach, and Drew
Ground Truth Dataset and Baseline Evaluations for Intrinsic Image AlgorithmsGrosse, Johnson, Adelson, and Freeman. ICCV 2009.
A Variational Framework for Retinex, Kimmel, Elad, Shaked, Keshet, and Sobel
Dark Flash Photography, Krishnan amd Fergus. SIGGRAPH 2009. Web Page
Lightness and Retinex Theory, Land and McCann
Estimating Intrinsic Images from Image Sequenceswith Biased Illumination, Matsushita, Lin, Kang, Shum. ECCV 2004
Post-production Facial Performance Relighting using Reflectance Transfer, Peers, Tamura, Matusik, and Debevec
Separation of Highlight Reflections from Textured Surfaces, Tan, Lin, and Quan
Recovering Intrinsic Images from a Single Image, Tappen, Freeman, and Adelson
Estimating Intrinsic Component Images using Non-Linear Regression, Tappen, Adelson, and Freeman
Deriving Intrinsic Images from Image Sequences, Weiss

Deblurring, Denoising, and Super-Resolution(图像去模糊,去噪和超分辨率)

Reinterpretable Imager: Towards Variable Post Capture Space, Angle & Time Resolution in Photography, Agrawal, Veeraraghavan, and Raskar. Eurographics 2010.
Invertible Motion Blur in Video, Agrawal, Xu, and Raskar. SIGGRAPH 2009.
Optimal Single Image Capture for Motion Deblurring, Agrawal and Raskar. CVPR 2009.
Coded Exposure Deblurring: Optimized Codes for PSF Estimation and Invertibility, Agrawal and Xu. CVPR 2009.
A Non-local Algorithm for Image Denoising, Buades, Coll, and Morel.
Analyzing Spatially-varying Blur, Chakrabarti, Zickler, and Freeman. CVPR 2010.
Fast Motion Deblurring, Cho and Lee. SIGGRAPH Asia 2009. Web Page
Motion Blur Removal with Orthogonal Parabolic Exposures, Cho, Levin, Durand, and Freeman. CVPR 2010. Web Page
Handling Outliers in Non-Blind Image Deconvolution, Cho, Wang, and Lee. ICCV 2011. Web Page
Display supersampling, Damera-Venkata and Chang
Image Upsampling Via Imposed Edge Statistics, Fattal
Single Image Dehazing, Fattal.    Web Page   Demo Code
Multiscale Shape and Detail Enhancement from Multi-light Image Collections, Fattal, Agrawala, and Rusinkiewicz
Removing Camera Shake from a Single Image, Fergus, Singh, Hertzmann, Roweis, and Freeman
Example-Based Super-Resolution, Freeman, Jones, and Pasztor
Space-Variant Single-Image Blind Deconvolution for Removing Camera Shake, Harmeling, Hirsch, and Scholkopf
Multiframe Blind Deconvolution, Super-Resolution, and Saturation Correction via Incremental EM, Harmeling, Sra, Hirsch, and Scholkopf
Single Image Haze Removal Using Dark Channel Prior, He, Sun, Tang. CVPR 2009.
Image Deblurring and Denoising using Color Priors, Joshi, Zitnick, Szeliski, and Kriegman. CVPR 2009. Web Page
Image Deblurring using Inertial Measurement Sensors, Joshi, Kang, Zitnick, and Szeliski. SIGGRAPH 2010. Web Page
Joint Bilateral Upsampling, Kopf, Cohen, Lischinski, Uyttendaele
Blind Deconvolution using a Normalized Sparsity Measure, Krishnan, Tay, and Fergus. CVPR 2011. Web Page
Blind Motion Deblurring Using Image Statistics, Levin
Image and Depth from a Conventional Camera with a Coded Aperture, Levin, Fergus, Durand, Freeman 
Sparse Deconvolution
4D Frequency Analysis of Computational Cameras for Depth of Field Extension, Levin, Hasinoff, Green, Durand, and Freeman. SIGGRAPH 2009. Web Page
Motion-Invariant Photography, Levin, Sand, Cho, Durand, Freeman. SIGGRAPH 2008. Web Page
Noise Estimation from a Single Image, Liu, Freeman, Szeliski, and Kang
Image Magnification Using Level-Set Reconstruction, Morse and Schwartzwald
Bayesian Image Super-Resolution, Continued, Pickup, Capely, Roberts, and Zisserman
Fast Image/Video Upsampling, Shan, Li, Jia, and Tang. Web Page
High-quality Motion Deblurring from a Single Image, Shan, Jia, and Argarwala. Web Page
Image Super-resolution using Gradient Profile Prior, Sun, Sun, Xu, and Shum.
Deblurring Using Regularized Locally-Adaptive Kernel Regression, Takeda, Farsiu, and Milanfar. Web Page
Kernel Regression for Image Processing and Reconstruction, Takeda, Farsiu, Milanfar. Web Page
Exploiting the Sparse Derivative Prior for Super-Resolution and Image Demosaicing, Tappen, Russell, and Freeman
Bayesian Image Super-Resolution, Tipping and Bishop
Non-uniform Deblurring for Shaken Images, Whyte, Sivic, Zisserman, and Ponce. CVPR 2010
Deblurring Shaken and Partially Saturated Images, Whyte, Sivic, and Zisserman. ICCP 2012
Image Super-Resolution via Sparse Representation, Yang, Wright, Huang, and Ma 
Image Super-resolution as Sparse Representation of Raw Image Patches Code
Image Deblurring with Blurred/Noisy Image Pairs, Yuan, Sun, Quan, and Shum
Progressive Inter-scale and intra-scale Non-blind Image Deconvolution, Yuan, Sun, Quan, and Shum
Denoising vs. Deblurring: HDR Imaging Techniques Using Moving Cameras, Zhang, Deshpande, and Chen. CVPR 2010. Web Page
Robust Flash Deblurring, Zhuo and Sim. CVPR 2010. Web Page

Matting and Editing(抠图和图像编辑)

Interactive Digital Photomontage, Agarwala, Dontcheva, Agrawala, Drucker, Colburn, Curless, Salesin, and Cohen
Video SnapCut: Robust Video Object Cutout Using Localized Classifiers, Bai, Wang, Simons, and Saprio. SIGGRAPH 2009. Web Page
PatchMatch: A Randomized Correspondence Algorithm for Structural Image Editing, Barnes, Shechtman, Finkelstein, and Goldman. SIGGRAPH 2009. Web Page
Face Swapping: Automatically Replacing Faces in Photographs, Bitouk, Kumar, Dhillon, Belhumeur, and Nayar. SIGGRAPH 2008. Web Page
The Patch Transform and Its Applications to Image Editing, Cho, Butman, Avidan, and Freeman. Web Page
A Bayesian Approach to Digital Matting, Chuang, Curless, Salesin, and Szeliski
Geodesic Image and Video Editing, Criminisi, Sharp, Rother, and Perez. SIGGRAPH 2011.
Coordinates for Instant Image Cloning, Farbman, Hoffer, Lipman, Cohen-Or, and Lischinski. SIGGRAPH 2009. Web Page
Shared Sampling for Real-Time Alpha Matting, Gastal and Oliveira. Eurographics 2010. Web Page
Geodesic Star Convexity for Interactive Image Segmentation, Gulshan, Rother, Criminisi, Blake, and Zisserman. CVPR 2010. Web Page and Code
A Global Sampling Method for Alpha Matting, He, Rhemann, Rother, Tang, Sun. CVPR 2011.
Guided Image Filtering, He, Sun, Tang. ECCV 2011. Code
Light Mixture Estimation for Spatially Varying White Balance, Hsu, Mertens, Paris, Avidan, and Durand. Web Page
Arcimboldo-like Collage Using Internet Images, Huang, Zhang, and Zhang. Web Page
Drag-and-Drop Pasting, Jia, Sun, Tang, and Shum. Web Page
Exploring Photobios, Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, Shechtman, Garg, Seitz. SIGGRAPH 2011. Web Page
Seamless Image Stitching in the Gradient Domain, Levin, Zomet, Peleg, and WeissPhoto Clip Art, Lalonde, Hoiem, Efros, Rother, Winn, and Criminisi
A Closed Form Solution to Natural Image Matting, Levin, Lischinski, and Weiss Code
Spectral Matting, Levin, Rav-Acha, and Lischinski
Paint Selection, Liu, Sun, and Shum. SIGGRAPH 2009.
Poisson Image Editing, Perez, Gangnet, and Blake
A Perceptually Motivated Online Benchmark for Image Matting, Rhemann, Rother, Wang, Gelautz, Kohli, and Rott. Web Page
A Spatially Varying PSF-based Prior for Alpha Matting, Rhemann, Rother, Kohli, and Gelautz. CVPR 2010.
AutoCollage, Rother, Bordeaux, Hamadi, and Blake
Alpha Estimation in Natural Images, Ruzon and Tomasi
New Appearance Models for Natural Image Matting, Singaraju, Rother, and Rhemann
Interactive Editing of Massive Imagery Made Simple: Turning Atlanta into Atlantis, Summa, Scorzelli, Jiang, Bremer, and Pascucci. SIGGRAPH 2011. Web Page
Flash Matting, Sun, Li, Kang, and Shum
Fast Poisson Blending Using Multi-splines, Szeliski, Uyttendaele, and Steedly. ICCP 2011.
Soft Scissors : An Interactive Tool for Realtime High Quality Matting, Wang, Agrawala, and Cohen
Image and Video Matting: A Survey, Wang and Cohen

Warping and Morphing(图像扭曲和变形)

As-Rigid-As-Possible Shape Interpolation, Alexa, Cohen-Or, and Levin
Feature-Based Image Metamorphosis, Beier and Neely
Optimizing Content-Preserving Projections for Wide-Angle Images, Carroll, Agrawala, and Agarwala. SIGGRAPH 2009. Web Page
Detail Preserving Shape Deformation in Image Editing, Fang and Hart
Feature-Aware Texturing, Gal, Sorkine, and Cohen-Or
As-Rigid-As-Possible Shape Manipulation, Igarashi, Moscovich, and Hughes
Polymorph: Morphing Among Multiple Images , Lee, Wolberg, and Shin
Content-Preserving Warps for 3D Video Stabilization, Liu, Gleicher, Jin and Agarwala. SIGGRAPH 2009. Web Page
Moving Gradients: A Path-Based Method for Plausible Image Interpolation, Mahajan, Huang, Matusik, Ramamoorthi, and Belhumeur. SIGGRAPH 2009
Multi-operator Media Retargeting, Rubinstein, Shamir, and Avidan. SIGGRAPH 2009. Web Page
Regenerative Morphing, Shechtman, Rav-Acha, Irani, and Seitz. CVPR 2010. Web Page
Image Morphing: A Survey , Wolberg

Useful Techniques(其他相关技术)

Gaussian KD-Trees for Fast High-Dimensional Filtering, Adams, Gelfand, Dolson, and Levoy. SIGGRAPH 2009. Web Page
Fast High-Dimensional Filtering Using the Permutohedral Lattice, Adams, Baek, and Davis. Eurographics 2010. Web Page
Fast Approximate Energy Minimization via Graph Cuts, Boykov, Veksler, and Zabih
Edge-Avoiding Wavelets and thier Applications, Fattal Web Page
Graphical Models: Probabilistic Inference , Jordan and Weiss
Loopy Belief Propagation for Approximate Inference: An Empirical Study , Murphy, Weiss, and Jordan
Bilateral Filtering: Papers, Resources, Applications, Paris and Durand
Constant time O(1) bilateral filtering Porikli
Image Alignment and Stitching: A Tutorial, Szeliski
Bilateral Filtering for Gray and Color Images, Tomasi and Manduchi
Image Smoothing via L0 Gradient Minimization, Xu, Lu, Xu, and Jia. SIGGRAPH Asia 2011. Web Page
Real-Time O(1) Bilateral Filtering, Yang, Tan and Ahuja Source Code
SVM for Edge-Preserving Filtering, Yang, Wang and Ahuja

... and Beyond

Photographing long scenes with multi-viewpoint panoramas, Agarwala, Agrawala, Cohen, Salesin, and Szeliski
Video Face Replacement, Dale et al. SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011. Web Page
Convolution Pyramids, Farbman, Fattal, and Lischinski. SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011.
Candid Portrait Selection from Video, Fiss, Argarwala, and Curless. SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011. Web Page
Image-Based Rendering Using Image-Based Priors, Fitzgibbon, Wexler, and Zisserman
"GrabCut"--Interactive Foreground Extraction using Iterated Graph Cuts, Rother, Kolmogorov, and Blake Web Page
Photo Tourism: Exploring Photo Collections in 3D, Snavely, Seitz, and Szeliski Web Page

Books for General Reference

Digital Image Processing, Second Edition, Gonzalez and Woods
Computer Vision: A Modern Approach, Forsyth and Ponce
The Art and Science of Digital Compositing, Brinkmann
Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision, Hartley and Zisserman
Linear Algebra and Its Applications, Strang
Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications, Richard Szeliski

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  1. 从实例、类别、语义三个层次对物体分类与检测研究中存在的困难与挑战进行了阐述。
  2. 该文以物体检测和分类方面的典型数据库和国际视觉算法竞赛PASCAL VOC竞赛为主线对近年来物体分类与检测的发展脉络进行了梳理与总结,指出表达学习和结构学习在于物体分类与检测中占有重要的地位。
  3. 最后文中对物体分类与检测的发展方向进行了思考和讨论,探讨了图像物体识别中下一步研究可能的方向。








       物体分类及检测的发展历程在论文中以PASCAL VOC竞赛的进展为主线,文中阐述了三种方法和其过程。分类和检测之间的最大不同为是否表达物体结构,物体的分类方法侧重于学习特征表达,典型的有词包模型和深度学习模型,物体的检测则侧重于结构学习,如形变检测模型。

  1. 词包模型,由4部分组成标准物分类框架步骤:
  • 底层特征提取:方式有基于趣点检测算法和采用密集提取两种。兴趣点检测算法是特征和定义明确的像素点、边缘、角点、区块等(典型的兴趣点算子有:Harris角点检测子、FAST算子、DoG等)。密集提取方法较多的被采用,是指在图像中按固定的步长、尺度提取大量的局部特征描述。优势是能获取更多的信息(典型局部特征包括:SIFT、HOG、LBP)
  • 特征编码:使用特征变换对底层特征进行编码,获取更明显的特征。(重要算法有:向量量化编码、核词典编码、稀疏编码、局部线性约束编码、显著性编码、Fisher向量编码、超向量编码等)
  • 特征汇聚:即特征集整合(空间金字塔匹配)
  • 使用支持向量机等分类器:学习一个分类器对图像进行分类(支持向量机(支持向量机中也有分类,主要为线性支持向量机?)、K近邻、神经网络、随机森林等)
  1. 深度学习模型,主流的深度学习模型包括:自动编码器y(由编码器和解码器组成,是一种特征重组)、受限玻尔兹曼机(是一种无向的二分图模型,采用对比散度算法进行模型学习(算法与模型学习如何承接,方法与模型呢?))、深度信念网络(是一种层次化的无向模型)、卷积神经网络(是ANN中的一种前馈人工神经网络,最初应用于数字手写识别,包括卷积层和汇聚层(池化层?)。个人理解为多层的不同部分识别)、生物启发式模型等。
  2. 物体检测方法如图:(截自论文表3)








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