• OSX version

    2020-11-23 12:43:48
    t use it on my osx machine. I couldn't compile it too. <p>In my fork I made some small changes to make it work in osx. Tested only on my machine with Mojave osx. <p>It's not crossplatform code...
  • OSX Support

    2020-11-20 20:46:03
    <div><p>It would be nice for OCRA to support building one click applications on OSX as well. I, the author (larsch) do not have any experience with OSX development (nor do I have to an OSX ...
  • Adding OSX target

    2020-11-30 14:06:50
    <p>This PR is about adding an OSX target. After having looked around and tested various things, I think siesta is one of the best candidates for the app I am preparing. But it's an OSX app. I need...
  • initial osx terminal

    2020-11-30 01:51:57
    <div><p>Implements <code>getDetectedTerminal</code> for OSX terminals and adds a <code>osx-256color.js</code> termconfig. <p>Please review the changes in <code>getDetectedTerminal</code> -- I added a ...
  • Building for OSX

    2020-11-29 07:29:12
    <div><p>When trying to build for OSX (El Capitan in this case, but it will most versions), I get the following error: <pre><code> CC remoted/secure.o remoted/secure.c:10:10: fatal error: 'sys/...
  • OSX support

    2020-11-23 12:58:16
    <div><ul><li>OSX shim (window, setup), basic stuff working (rec-cpp, 3d, no-exc)</li><li>xcode workspace shared between IOS & OSX</li><li>None of the IOS & OSX source is shared atm, left for a...
  • OSX compatibility

    2020-11-29 17:04:15
    <p>Here is a patch that allows nethogs to build on OSX. It is not perfect, mainly because the /proc folder does not exist on OSX so I did not find any alternative to use in <code>reread_mapping(), but...
  • Compiling on OSX

    2020-11-29 01:38:39
    <div><p>I did this to compile on OSX and it worked perfectly. OSX 10.14.6 (18G95) <p>/usr/local/bin/g++-9 -o olcExample olcExampleProgram.cpp -L/opt/X11/lib -lX11 -lGL -lpthread -lpng -...
  • <div><p>Hi, since last OSX security update today on OSX 10.8 and 10.10, I cannot connect with desktop client anymore, my password seems not recognized by the app. The app keeps asking it (in loop) ...
  • <div><p>According to <a href="https://github.com/ArekSredzki/electron-release-server/blob/master/docs/update-osx.md">the docs</a> this is the URL I should be calling for checking available updates: ...
  • <div><p>wow such osx no idea lol <p>< /doge> <p>I don't own a mac, so I don't really have the possibility to write the process identification for OSX. I've never really even used one...
  • Added osx travis build

    2020-11-26 19:04:15
    <p>I had to fight hard against travis inconsistencies, since python support is different on osx. <p>Details : * locale tests adapted to osx (different locale names) * I had to reduce the timed_test....
  • Osx build script

    2020-11-23 02:14:17
    <div><p>This adds OSX support to the <code>build_script.py</code> to allow using the same tests on OSX as on Linux. <p>Added paragraph to Readme with build instructions on OSX. <p><code>--test</code> ...
  • 文章目录简介特点软件环境配置配置项配置密钥配置说明配置主机配置项 ...Termius不仅涵盖了Windows、Linux、OSX,还变态得支持Android和iOS(以后在地铁、公交上都可以随时拿出手机来排查线上问题啦...




    • 免费
    • 支持用户名密码和密钥模式
    • 常用脚本片段(同时发送到多个主机)
    • 全平台
    • 云同步(注册一个账号即可)
    • 分屏模式(看到有人提到,目前还没找到如何设置)


    • Mac一台
    • Termius
    • 一台远程服务器



    • Terminal(主题、配色、字体等)
    • Shotcuts(快捷键)
    • Known Hosts(主机地址管理)
    • Keychain(登录信息管理)
    • Profile(账号信息)



    来到如下界面,点击ADD KEY(ADD IDENTITY是用户名密码模式)


    私钥放在用户目录下的.ssh目录下,默认名字为id_rsa,用文本工具打开即可,然后将其内容全部复制粘贴到Private key中即可。


    • Label(给该配置取个名字)
    • Passphrase(生成密钥时设置的密码,如果没有设置,此处不填)
    • Private key(私钥)
    • Public key(公钥,可以不填)


    点击左侧的Hosts,然后再点击右下角的ADD HOST



    • Address(主机地址)
    • Port(主机端口,SSH默认为22)
    • Username(用于登录主机的用户名)
    • Password(密钥模式不需要填,点击右边的Keys->选择我们之前配置好的密钥)
    • Group(分组,可以以环境维度分组,也可以以业务维度分组,看自己习惯)
    • Start Snippet(登录后默认执行的脚本,可以在程序左侧的Snippet中添加)





    有博友评论说 Termius 是收费软件,我看了下官网,它的高级功能是需要付费的,但是你可以无限制使用基础功能。我觉得只要这款软件可以让你在不花钱的情况下一直用,那就是免费软件。就好像你不能因为 QQ 一些功能充会员才能用,就说 QQ 是收费软件一样。



  • m currently running the OSX Client 1.3.0beta3. The same behavior exists with 1.2.5. <p>Here's the setup: client1 - OSX client2 - iOS server - CentOS 6.4 running 5.0.7. type of files edited: .txt ...
  • /Users/craigvanvliet/Desktop/PyInstaller-2.1/pronterface/build/pronterface/out00-PYZ.pyz/printrun.power.osx", line 72, in inhibit_sleep_osx File "/Users/craigvanvliet/Desktop/PyInstaller-2.1/...
  • Future of osx GPU support

    2020-11-20 21:26:09
    <div><p>Now that Apple <a href="">deprecated OpenCL support in <code>osx</code> 10.12</a> and <a href="https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-toolkit-release-notes/index.html#title-new-features">NVIDIA ...
  • <div><p>Now that we have OSX build support I'd be keen for that to not get silently broken. <p>I've just noticed that Travis seems to support building stuff under OSX <p>...
  • <div><p>hi, i use offlineimap on osx and linux, and i keep the same configuration in git to make my life easier. <p>however, i have an issue with the ssl certfiles, osx uses one at <code>/usr/local/...
  • t tested on osx at all, and failed to find <code>liblzma.so</code> on osx (it should have been <code>liblzma.dylib). There were additional errors with library search paths reported in that PR which I ...
  • OSX: Preparing Making Clean OSX Core

    千次阅读 2016-02-17 02:06:02
    本文作为一个入口博文,列出现在已知的需要、可以清理的 文件和目录,用于清理OS X系统。 删除临时和其他的单机相关的系统文件: /private/tmp/* /private/var/vm/* /Library/Caches/* /var/folders/* ...

    本文作为一个入口博文,列出现在已知的需要、可以清理的文件和目录,用于清理OS X系统。













    /Library/Managed Preferences/*









    打开SSH和远程管理(Remote Management--ARD)

    变更机器名(System Preferences -> Sharing)








  • A New build.osx

    2020-11-26 13:34:31
    <div><p>As discussed in issue #121 I have rewritten build.osx and move around the top of the repo to clean things up. build.osx now contains functions and switches for all the things that were ...
  • <div><p>For my app building for win32 and win64 works fine, but building for any osx platform will result in either an EMFILE or ENOENT error. <p>I'm running Yosemite 10.10.2, so having the usual ...
  • <div><p>I use Sublime on both OSX and Linux, and whilst the default key bindings for PHP Companion work okay for Linux, they clash with some important things in OSX. <p>In particular: - F4 is used to ...
  • <p>At Twitter, users use OSX laptops to develop, and these machines can be one of two IT-suppoted OSX versions: version N and N+1. We support a self-service workflow for wheel builds and uploads ...
  • t know whether it will be possible to test on both OSX and Linux for a given PR, so their move to OSX might not really solve our issues. <p>So we need either our own hardware (no internet requirements...
  • <div><p>I have just pushed a branch called osx-crosscompile that is at the stage of correctly compiling the objects (as verified using <code>nm</code> from the different toolchains). It fails at the ...
  • <div><p>The OSX builders are unreliable, often down for hours or days at a time. This often means that they are (by default) blocking PR merges -- we have to use our superuser bits to override and ...
  • <div><p>On OSX, GCD (Grand Central Dispatch) semaphores cause issues such as hangs and crashes: 1. thrstatetest failures: eclipse/openj9#3878, eclipse/openj9#4046 2. vmRuntimeState failures: eclipse/...
  • OSX Big Sur app redesign

    2020-11-26 11:56:49
    As I did not pay for your software, I made a few options for an OSX icon style. Let me know what you think. <p><a href="https://github.com/iglance/iGlance/files/4819978/OSX.icon.zip">OSX icon.zip...


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