• jobs

    2011-09-16 22:15:00

  • m noticing is that as my job array completes or even continues to churn through the array, the jobs stop showing up in jobs.get() and I can't look them up using jobs.find or jobs.find_id anymore. ...
  • Jobs stuck at 100%

    2020-11-28 01:09:54
    <p>seeing this type of activity over and over but the 100% jobs never actually get stopped. manually stopping the jobs is not working. rebuilding the queue did not fix. restarting did not fix. <pre>...
  • Support recurring jobs

    2020-12-01 14:34:33
    <code>jobs list</code> should include both regular jobs and schedules</li><li>[x] <code>jobs del</code>/<code>jobs term</code>/<code>jobs disable</code>/<code>jobs enable</code>/<code>jobs migrate...
  • jobs prioritization system

    2020-12-02 12:24:54
    <div><p>At the moment in <code>elect_performer.groovy</code> we are just taking jobs randomly from the WBS. It's not correct, since some jobs may have higher priority than others. Let's create...
  • Jobs never called

    2020-12-01 16:26:27
    jobs' => [ // 'source_chargeable' => \App\Jobs\StripeWebhooks\HandleChargeableSource::class, // 'charge_failed' => \App\Jobs\StripeWebhooks\...
  • Fix jobs plugin

    2020-11-29 22:45:12
    t display Jobs manually shcheduled using Job.every(). <p>Another issue is 'Scheduled jobs' and 'Waiting jobs' using different ways to display jobs: first one displays the class name ...
  • Search for jobs

    2020-11-28 23:54:48
    <div><p>Attempting to find a specific job in the delayed list can be problematic since it requires going into each grouped set of jobs at each timestamp and there is a change the job gets picked up ...
  • <p>The fields <code>jobs_running</code> and <code>jobs_pending</code> are not exported. <p>A simple example on a small cluster with one job running: <pre><code> $ sdiag | egrep 'Jobs (pending|...
  • The jobs summary on many pages shows for which jobs the minions are still working. This functionality is not present on the jobs page <p><strong>Describe the solution you'd like Add the jobs ...
  • Clear old failed jobs

    2020-11-27 14:31:47
    For such strange reason, i keep having failed jobs which if i run <code>pootle retry_failed_jobs</code> keeps returing to failed since they respond to project they no more exist. I was reading on ...
  • SGE and iPython Array Jobs

    2020-11-22 04:34:26
    <div><p>I was hoping to open a discussion around how array jobs are handled. I am honestly not sure if this is an SGE thing or iPython thing. My "research" is making me think iPython, which I ...
  • /*oracle jobs 导出为执行脚本 <br> 就是把all_jobs或dba_jobs,导成DBMS_JOB.SUBMIT可以插入job的格式 其中all_jobs是当前用户的job,dba_jobs则是全部 下面只是随便整理了下,可以按照个人需要修改 ...
  • Expired Jobs do not Delete

    2020-11-22 04:21:07
    <div><p>Expired jobs are not being automatically deleted when they expire. I'm pretty sure this was working up until about 6 months ago. <p>Steps to Reproduce 1. Create a new job and set the ...
  • After submitting the jobs on a slurm cluster, most of the jobs fail immediately without writing to the slurm out file, or writing to the job log file. <p>The snakemake job runs indefinitely, because ...
  • <p>I have a problem with one of my Jobs laravel. (This is the first time that i exepect this problem, i have anothers jobs who is working without problems...) <p>I have a listener who dispatch a job ...
  • My scheduled jobs are not performed with resque_scheduler but they are working fine when I run them manually. Here is my config: <p>Rails 2.3.12 Resque-scheduler 1.9.9 - resque_schedule.yml: ... ...
  • <p>Does Kubewatch support jobs at the moment? It seems like jobs are not included in 0.0.3 release. But I see jobs in the current state of Master. I manually added "jobs" resource to configamp...
  • Support delete/archive jobs

    2020-11-29 17:45:27
    As an OpenPAI user, I could permanent delete (clean up) some of my jobs to get rid of not in use jobs. After deletion, no one can restore this jobs. User need to confirm before the deletion. <p>As an ...
  • jobs 命令

    千次阅读 2013-11-14 14:50:21
    jobs命令 显示了当前 shell 环境中已启动的作业状态。 如果 JobID 参数没有指定特定作业,就显示所有的活动的作业的状态信息。 如果报告了一个作业的终止,shell 从当前的 shell 环境已知的列表中删除作业的进程标识...
     jobs命令  显示了当前 shell 环境中已启动的作业状态。
    如果 JobID 参数没有指定特定作业,就显示所有的活动的作业的状态信息。
    如果报告了一个作业的终止,shell 从当前的 shell 环境已知的列表中删除作业的进程标识。
    jobs 命令
    jobs [ -l | -n | -p ] [ JobID ... ]

    /usr/bin/jobs 命令在自己的命令执行环境下执行就不会工作,因为此环境没有适用的作业来处理。基于这个原因, jobs 命令实现为一个 Korn shell 或 POSIX shell 的常规内建命令。

    如果指定了 -p 标志,对于每一个进程标识,输出构成一行。


    job-number 指出进程组号,以和 wait、fg、bg 和 kill 命令一起使用。当和这些命令一起使用时,在作业号前面加上一个“%”(百分号标志)。
    current 一个“+”(加标志)标识了将被 fg 或 bg 命令作为缺省值使用的作业。这个作业标识也能够使用 %+ (百分号、加号)或 %% (双百分号)来指定。
    如果当前缺省作业退出,就用一个“-”(减号标志)来标识将要成为缺省作业的作业。这个作业标识也可以用 %-(百分号、减号)来指定。

    对于其他的作业,current 字段是一个空格字符。

    仅一个作业能够用 + 来标识,并且仅一个作业能够用一个 - 来标识。如果有一个单一挂起作业,它就成为当前作业。


    state 显示以下值之一(在 POSIX 的语言环境下):
    表示此作业已经完成并返回退出状态 0。
    Done (code)
    Stopped (SIGTSTP)
    表示 SIGTSTP 信号挂起作业。
    Stopped (SIGSTOP)
    表示 SIGSTOP 信号挂起作业。
    Stopped (SIGTTIN)
    表示 SIGTTIN 信号挂起作业。
    Stopped (SIGTTOU)
    表示 SIGTTOU 信号挂起作业。
    command 给 shell 的有关命令。
    如果指定了 -l 标志,就把一包含进程组标识的字段插入到 state 字段之前。另外,在一个进程组中更多的进程可以输出到一些独立行中,只使用 job-number 和 command 字段。
    -l (小写 L)提供了更多的关于列出的每一个作业的信息。此信息包括了作业号、当前作业、进程组标识、状态和启动作业的命令。
    -n 显示自从最后一次通知后停止或退出的作业。
    -p 显示了所选定的作业的进程组引导符的进程标识。
    在缺省情况下,jobs 命令显示了所有已停止作业的状态、所有的在后台正在运行的作业和那些状态已经更改但没有被 shell 报告的作业。
    0 成功完成。

    >0 发生一个错误。

    [1]+  Stopped                 ./out
    Mac:Desktop mac$ 
    jobs 1
    [1]+  Stopped                 ./out
    Mac:Desktop mac$ jobs -l 1
    [1]+  8130 Suspended: 18           ./out
    Mac:Desktop mac$ kill 8130
    Mac:Desktop mac$ jobs
    [1]+  Terminated: 15          ./out

    [3]+  Stopped                 ./out2
    Mac:Desktop mac$ jobs 
    [1]   Stopped                 ./out
    [2]-  Stopped                 ./out1
    [3]+  Stopped                 ./out2
    Mac:Desktop mac$ jobs -l
    [1]   8276 Suspended: 18           ./out
    [2]-  8278 Suspended: 18           ./out1
    [3]+  8279 Suspended: 18           ./out2
    Mac:Desktop mac$ kill 8279
    Mac:Desktop mac$ jobs -l
    [1]   8276 Suspended: 18           ./out
    [2]-  8278 Suspended: 18           ./out1
    [3]+  8279 Terminated: 15          ./out2
    Mac:Desktop mac$ jobs -l
    [1]-  8276 Suspended: 18           ./out
    [2]+  8278 Suspended: 18           ./out1

  • <p>Changes would be neccessary in jenkinsbase.py in the resolve_job_folders or process_job_folder methods to include the folder name in the job name before appending it to the result list of jobs....
  • Laravel Jobs不是异步的

    2017-03-04 17:31:35
    <p>I need a way to run some tasks asynchronously as the execution time varies between each task and I want to run the in an asynchronous way using Laravel Jobs and database as the driver. <p>I ...
  • m trying to fetch scheduled jobs via monitoring API method <code>ScheduledJobs</code>. Stacktrace: <pre><code> at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key) at Hangfire.Redis....


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