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    2017-12-01 09:07:14
    Ola Clason’s Hardware store is an old company where most work is done “the old way”. Among other things, the company is the one and only provider of marble house numbers. These house numbers have ...
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    2015-05-19 20:50:53
  • This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the design of security-hardened, hardware intellectual property (IP). Readers will learn how IP can be threatened, as well as protected, by ...
  • Hardware Bible 6th Edition

    2009-01-15 10:13:24
    Hardware Bible 6th Edition The Winn L. Rosch Hardware Bible is a handy guide to the components that make up IBM-standard personal computers, but it is beginning to show its age in its new fifth ...
  • Pixhawk Hardware Designs Pixhawk is an independent open-hardware project that aims to provide "the gold standard" for readily-available, hiqh-quality and low-cost autopilot hardware designs for the ...
  • Designing Embedded Hardware, Second Edition

    热门讨论 2008-08-09 08:02:25
    Designing Embedded Hardware, Second Edition <br>By John Catsoulis <br>Publisher: O\'Reilly <br> Embedded computer systems literally surround us: they\'re in our cell phones, PDAs, ...
  • Hardware Acceleration

    2014-11-25 10:11:41
    Hardware Acceleration 从Android3.0(API版本11)开始,Android 2D渲染管线设计的更好来支持硬件加速。硬件加速使得所有在View的Canvas上的的绘制操作都通过GPU来完成。由于使能硬件加速需要更多的资源,你的应用将...
    Hardware Acceleration
    从Android3.0(API版本11)开始,Android 2D渲染管线设计的更好来支持硬件加速。硬件加速使得所有在View的Canvas上的的绘制操作都通过GPU来完成。由于使能硬件加速需要更多的资源,你的应用将会消耗更多的RAM.
    如果你的应用需要自定义的绘制,打开硬件加速来测试你的应用在真实的硬件设备上是否有任何文件。Unsupported drawing operations 章节描叙了不能使用硬件加速的已知的问题以及如何解决他们。
    Controlling Hardware Acceleration(控制硬件加速)
    Application level
    <application android:hardwareAccelerated="true" ...>
    Activity level
    <application android:hardwareAccelerated="true">
        <activity ... />
        <activity android:hardwareAccelerated="false" />
    Window level


    View level

    myView.setLayerType(View.LAYER_TYPE_SOFTWARE, null);
    注意:当前还不支持在View层使能硬件加速。View层有其他的函数来不使能硬件加速。查看View layers来获取更多的信息

  • 深度学习Hardware Software

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    Hardware Software TensorFlow: Large-Scale Machine Learning on Heterogeneous Distributed Systems (2016), M. Abadi et al. (Google) [pdf] TensorFlow: a system for large-scale machine learning, by Martí...

    Hardware Software

    • TensorFlow: Large-Scale Machine Learning on Heterogeneous Distributed Systems (2016), M. Abadi et al. (Google) [pdf]
    • TensorFlow: a system for large-scale machine learning, by Martín A., Paul B., Jianmin C., Zhifeng C., Andy D. et al. (2016) (Cited: 2,227) [pdf] TensorFlow supports a variety of applications, with a focus on training and inference on deep neural networks. Several Google services use TensorFlow in production, we have released it as an open-source project, and it has become widely used for machine learning research.
    • MatConvNet: Convolutional neural networks for matlab (2015), A. Vedaldi and K. Lenc [pdf] It exposes the building blocks of CNNs as easy-to-use MATLAB functions, providing routines for computing linear convolutions with filter banks, feature pooling, and many more. This document provides an overview of CNNs and how they are implemented in MatConvNet and gives the technical details of each computational block in the toolbox.
    • Caffe: Convolutional architecture for fast feature embedding (2014), Y. Jia et al. [pdf]
    • Theano: A Python framework for fast computation of mathematical expressions., by by Rami A., Guillaume A., Amjad A., Christof A. et al (2016) (Cited: 451) [pdf] Theano is a Python library that allows to define, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays efficiently. Since its introduction, it has been one of the most used CPU and GPU mathematical compilers especially in the machine learning community and has shown steady performance improvements.
    • Theano: new features and speed improvements (2012), F. Bastien et al. (Bengio) [pdf]
    • Inception-v4, Inception-ResNet and the Impact of Residual Connections on Learning, by Christian S., Sergey I., Vincent V. & Alexander A A. (2017) (Cited: 520) [pdf] Very deep convolutional networks have been central to the largest advances in image recognition performance in recent years. With an ensemble of three residual and one Inception-v4, we achieve 3.08% top-5 error on the test set of the ImageNet classification (CLS) challenge.
  • This is a book about developing the software and hardware you never think about. We're talking about the nitty-gritty behind the buttons on your microwave, inside your thermostat, inside the keyboard ...
  • The Hardware Hacker Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware 英文epub 本资源转载自网络,如有侵权,请联系上传者或csdn删除 本资源转载自网络,如有侵权,请联系上传者或csdn删除
  • <p>Some sites mention other server.properties parameters such as app.ssl.port, hardware.default.port, hardware.ssl.port none of which are neither documented nor work as expected. <p>How can my ...
  • The Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL) is defined in this standard. Verilog HDL is a formal notation intended for use in all phases of the creation of electronic systems. Because it is both ...
  • Notebook Hardware Control

    2016-03-20 17:26:15
    Notebook Hardware ControlNotebook Hardware Control
  • hardware_id

    2013-04-18 09:08:43
  • hardware.exe

    2019-05-24 11:19:55
    网上流传的机器码修改器可以去网上参考教程使用 不保证百分百可以
  • Hardware Composer

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    Hardware Composer HAL ("HWC") 首次在Android 3.0被引进,经过数年已经变得很稳定了。它主要的目的是选择最高效的途径来合成buffer。作为HAL,它的实现是依赖设备的,并通常由OEM显示硬件厂家完成。 这个方法的...


    Hardware Composer HAL ("HWC") 首次在Android 3.0被引进,经过数年已经变得很稳定了。它主要的目的是选择最高效的途径来合成buffer。作为HAL,它的实现是依赖设备的,并通常由OEM显示硬件厂家完成。

    这个方法的价值在于可以很容易的识别你该什么时候用”Overlay planes“。Overlay plane的使用目的就是把多个buffer在显示器而不是GPU那里合成起来。举个例子,假设你有一台Android手机竖着摆,屏幕上有状态栏和导航栏以及其他地方是应用UI。每一个图层的内容都在分开的buffer里。你可以先把应用的内容画好在一个草稿图层那里,接着把状态栏的图层着色,接着是导航栏,最后把草稿图层的buffer发往显示设备。又或者,你可以把三个buffer都送到显示设备硬件,然后告知它从三个不同的buffer获取内容,在屏幕的不同部分进行着色。明显,最后的办法更高效。


    1. SurfaceFlinger提供给HWC一个完整的图层列表,并询问”你将如何处理它“
    2. HWC通过在每个图层上标明”重叠 overlay"或”GLES 合成“来响应。
    3. SurfaceFlinger来处理所有的GLES合成,把输出buffer发给HWC并让HWC处理剩余的事情

            当屏幕没有更新的情况下,overlay plane比GL合成显得更低效率。这尤其在overlay的内容有透明像素,并且重叠图层混合在一起时候。这种情况,HWC可以选择请求GLES来合成一些或全部图层,同时保留合成的buffer。如果SurfaceFlinger又回来要求合成同样的buffer组时候,HWC可以仅仅只显示之前合成好的草稿buffer。

           Android 4.4一般支持四个overlay plane。尝试合成比存在的图层更多的图层会导致系统使用GLES来合成部分图层。因此,应用使用的图层数量可以对电池消耗以及性能只有有数的影响。你可以通过adb shell dumpsys Surfaceflinger的命令来确切的显示SurfaceFlinger的工作情况。
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    2018-04-19 14:37:57
  • <p>I found that get_PWM_frequency() reports 800Hz in stead of 0Hz when hardware_PWM freq is set to zero. PWM really stop. Here I paste sample code showing the issue: <pre><code> #!/usr/bin/python ...
  • Hardware breakpoints

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    This is a debugging helper class which lets you set breakpoints on the fly from within code. This is mainly useful for the case where you have a variable that you know is getting trashed, but you have
  • Computer Hardware

    2018-04-22 19:59:00
    Computer hardware can be divides into four categories: input hardware, storage-hardware, processing hardware, and output hardware. 生词: hardware 硬件 category 种类,类别 process 处理 ...
  • Free Hardware

    2016-02-19 23:14:17
    Stallman -- On "Free Hardware" Jun 22, 1999, 04 :27 UTC By Richard Stallman GNU A number of people have asked the GNU Project if we would like to branch out from free software into free hard
  • Hardware Constraints

    2014-12-06 19:19:05
    There are two parts to that comment (I wrote it). One part is easy to quantify, the other is more empirical. ...Hardware Constraints: This is the easy to quantify part. Appendix F of the current CU


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